What is NFT fantasy football game Sorare and how does it work?

FANTASY football is a major part of fans enjoyment of the game but now it’s moving into the metaverse.

Football has arrived in the world of NFTs but it isn’t as complex as it sounds.

Fantasy football allows fans to build their own teams and play against each otherCredit: AP

To play Sorare you need to understand the rules of traditional fantasy football.

Players choose an imaginary team from a league, they then score points based on the performances of the real life players they have picked.

You can play against friends in your own football league and see who wins.

The NFT aspect relates to the players cards, of which you have five.

Using digital collectibles with the blockchain technology means that the cards are provably scarce.

The metaverse and NFTs are evolving into more than tokens, they are becoming crucial elements of modern gaming advances.

How does Sorare work?

The game lets you buy over 6,000 licensed player cards from over 230 clubs.

You own the NFT player card and can resell players whenever you choose.

You can decide which league you want to play in from rookie to pros.

Each week you select your line up of players and those with the most points win – exactly like traditional fantasy football.

However, here you can win more than bragging rights or a pint down the pub.

Top players can win rare cards and cryptocurrency but you can play without spending a penny.

The most expensive card was sold in March 2021, it was one of a kind Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was bought in the Sorare Transfer Market for $289920.

How to get started with Sorare

Sorare does offer free cards for you to get started with, you can unlock up to 12 free players by following the prompts.

You can pick your favourite teams and what league you want to play in.

From here you can build a line-up but if you want the premium players that comes with a premium price.

You can bid on new cards as they become available in the New Signings section, these are likely to continue to expand as the demand for crypto-collectibles continues to rise.

Or take a look at the Transfer Market where you can resell your cards at a fixed price, often more than you paid for it.


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