Trainwreck turns on critics as Twitch gambling meta comes under fire

Trainwreck Gambling

Trainwreck back in hot water again (pic:

Twitch streamer Trainwreck has hit out at critics of his gambling habits, as the controversy over the gambling meta intensifies.

The conversation around gambling on Twitch has started to hot up, with multiple streamers speaking out against the practice and those involved starting to fire back.

Gambling on Twitch currently draws in a hefty number of people, with 250,000 watching streamers play slots at peak hours. Trainwreck – real name Tyler Niknam – is known for his wild streams, where he gambles thousands or millions of dollars at a time, and has found himself at the centre of the controversy.

Recently, another streamer going by the name ChocoTaco used a Star Trek quote to lambast his hefty donations (Trainwreck claims to have donated a total of $10 million to different causes) as a disguise for the fact that he’s actively advertising something that’s addictive. In response, Trainwreck has taken to his Twitch stream to rant about the critcisim.

In the rant, Trainwreck claims that it is ‘hubris’ driving the criticism, that ‘streamers truly believe they are this god-like figure and role model for kids’. His explicit rant begins to mimic his Twitter response, as through the confusion he claims that kids need religion and parents, not streamers to lead them.

He also then states that he has tried to be as transparent as possible with his gambling and frequently uses pop-ups on stream to warn users not to emulate his actions.

Niknam has been sponsored by Stake, who also sponsor rapper Drake. The deal was paying him a million a month in 2021 and has since grown exponentially, according to the streamer himself.

Stake is also the sponsor of xQc and the now permanently banned Adin Ross. Alongside this they also sponsor the UFC and Watford F.C., as well as provide the online slots that streamers play.

xQc had a similar reaction when confronted by his own audience over his streaming of slots and gambling. He retaliated by using the same lines as Trainwreck, about not being a role model, despite his audience spending hours every day watching him.

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