Sonic Origins spotted on Korean ratings board after a year of nothing

Sega’s mascot is famous for his super speed and yet the company is real slow with the updates (pic: Sega)

Fans are hopeful a release for Sonic Origins is coming soon, after finding a listing for it on the Korean ratings board website.

Sega has been weirdly quiet about Sonic Origins. Despite announcing it last May, they haven’t so much as acknowledged it since then or provided a more specific release date beyond sometime this year.

The game hasn’t been completely forgotten though as it recently popped up on the Korean ratings board. While this doesn’t provide a release date, getting a ratings usually means that the game will be out soon.

If you need reminding, Sonic Origins is a compilation of several retro Sonic games, announced as part of the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

Sonic Origins will contain the original trilogy of Sega Mega Drive games – Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles – plus Sonic CD for the Sega CD add-on.

All we know about these versions is that they will support a 16:9 screen ratio and will be native ports rather than emulated versions. This will also mark the first time Sonic 3 has been re-released since 2011, when it was brought to Steam.

Sega hasn’t stated which platforms the compilation will release for, only saying it’s coming to ‘the latest platforms.’ At the very least, the Korean ratings board lists it for PC.

It’s especially bizarre that Sega hasn’t jumped on the success of the second Sonic movie to help promote Sonic Origins. Especially since said movie heavily draws on elements and characters from Sonic 2 and 3.

Sega has been slightly more forthcoming with the next 3D entry in the series, Sonic Frontiers. A new trailer was shown at The Game Awards 2021, confirming it to be open world (a first for the series) and that it looks oddly reminiscent of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

However, while it did include in-game footage, it only focused on the environments and didn’t feature any gameplay to speak of. It’s expected to launch in late 2022 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Being cautious about Sonic Frontiers is understandable but since Sonic Origins contains games that have been re-released a hundred times before there’s no obvious explanation for its delay or Sega’s coyness.

That makes it all the more baffling that they managed to miss tying in with the movie, which will likely be out of cinemas by the time the compilation hits.

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