Rainbow Six Siege Mobile reveal due next month claims insider

Rainbow Six Siege – coming soon to mobile? (pic: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft supposedly has a big Rainbow Six Siege announcement to make in April, after signing a major deal with Chinese firm Tencent.

For the last couple of years much of Ubisoft’s stated focus has been on free-to-play and mobile titles, which is curious because they’ve never really had a major hit with either style of game.

What might finally turn things around for them though, is a mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege and supposedly that’s exactly what’s going to be unveiled this April.

Serial leaker Tom Henderson already wrote about 18 of the 20 games he claims that Ubisoft currently has in development and if Far Cry 7 is assumed to be the 19th then Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is the final piece of the puzzle.

Writing on website Exputer, Henderson is even able to be specific about the announcement date, which he gives as Wednesday, April 6.

The game has apparently been developed in collaboration with Chinese game portal WeGame, which is part of Tencent and gives a clear indication of what new audience Ubisoft is seeking to attract.

Tencent has already admitted it’s working on secret ‘projects’ with Ubisoft, with a recent earnings call indicating that whatever the first one is, it should be out sometime in 2023.

There are no details on the game itself though, with one of Henderson’s sources saying only that it ‘will be a mobile game that Siege fans will love’ – which isn’t going out on much of a limb.

A mobile version of Siege does make more sense than most of Ubisoft’s other properties, as the game is still going strong seven years after its original release, with the developers repeatedly saying that they have no plans for a direct sequel.

They didn’t say anything about spin-offs or mobile games though and at the moment there’s every reason to imagine the April 6 reveal date is accurate.

What will be interesting though is what exactly that reveal event is. Will it be just for Rainbow Six Siege or will it be the E3 style preview show that was implied to have been cancelled recently? Henderson doesn’t given an indication either way, but it won’t be long till we find out for certain…

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