Ninja rebrands himself with a new logo and the internet hates it

The new logo has not been well-received (Source: Eat/Ninja)

Ninja, the most followed Twitch streamer in the world has begun rebranding himself and of course, the internet has had its say.

The Fortnite streamer has ditched the stereotypical font and ninja icon in favour of his trademark blue hair.

Ninja’s rebranding announcement also coincided with his appearance on the April 19 edition of the Jimmy Fallon Show, where he discussed playing Mario Party and starring in the Ryan Reynolds video game themed movie, Free Guy.

However, the rebranding has been met with apathy, criticism over its quality, and a generally mixed response. Wherever you look, the consensus appears to be that the new look is not a good one.

Ninjoi or Ninja?

The announcement of the rebrand was also joined by two individual trailers. One features stock explosions and generic dubstep music, while the other appears to be what news outlets would receive in their inbox.

On Twitter, various users took to the platform to express their opinion. Everything from the classic ‘graphic design is my passion’ to more nuanced critiques were laid out.

Artistically it’s awful….

No reason for I and J to be so bold.

Reads as “Nin JOI”, which is another conversation.

The spikes look like a Sonic production.

Really I don’t get it as a brand/logo.

— ADCArtAttack (@ADCARTATTACK) April 19, 2022

Meanwhile on the gaming forum ResetEra, users were a little more candid with their responses. One user said that he “should fire his graphic designer” and another recreated the logo to poke fun at the news from 2018, where Ninja stated he wouldn’t stream with women.

The company behind the rebrand is called Eat and in their project explainer, detailed what they wanted to achieve, “We took a literal part of Ninja’s DNA and created a sleek, fun, unmistakable visual identity that would stand the test of time. The symbol is a tribute to a constant in his past, present, and future: his hair.”

Eat has worked with major brands like Activision, Ubisoft, and Twitch on their esports output, designing the branding around Twitch Rivals and Rainbow Six Seige events.

However, Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, has joined in with jokes that the new logo seems to read ‘Ninjoi’. Something which fans have been pointing out ever since it was revealed.


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