Man’s credit card frozen after spending $4,500 on gatcha game Dislyte

Dislyte Art

Was it all worth it? (pic: Lillith Games)

A man has revealed that he spent $4,500 on new gacha game Dislyte and still failed to max out his character.

Dislyte, the latest game from Lillith Games, best known for the mobile game AFK Arena, has been met with a very mixed response from gacha game fans, due to its overreliance on spending money to do pretty much anything.

Gacha games are based off of the real life gachapon machines from Japan, those little machines you pop 20p in to get a toy in a spherical capsule. They’re still huge with collectors in Japan and the gacha video games are enormous world wide.

Titles like Genshin Impact draw in around a billion dollars every few months and a fan of Dislyte has proven just how harsh the new game is, after his credit card was frozen during a $4,500 spending spree trying to level up a new character.

The new character in question, Ollie, comes from the current promotion, called a banner. Each banner in gacha games gives you the chance at getting a new character, with higher tier ones like Ollie being rarer.

Much like other gacha games, Dislyte runs a ‘pity’ system. This is as it sounds, with the game literally pitying you for failing to acquire a legendary character. When you fail 119 times, the game will almost guarantee a legendary.

However, during these promotions, the featured character will usually have a higher than normal percentage of appearing. According to the announcement, the chance will be doubled until you first manage to acquire Ollie, although that still only rises to 2%.

Summoning in Dislyte is not as harsh as other games, but with different rules coming into effect in different countries, fans have an inkling into the percentage chance you have of getting legendary characters outside of the pity system.

With a ‘gold record’ – the currency used in the game is music themed – your chances look a lot like this:

  • 1% for legendary character
  • 9% for an epic character
  • 90% for a rare character

With the lower tier currency, silver records, you have chances that look like this:

  • 5% for a rare character
  • 95% for an uncommon character

To upgrade characters in Dislyte, you need to get multiples and then fuse them together. This will raise their ranks and power.

The fan in question spent an estimated $4,500 on 2,192 summons and only managed to acquire Ollie six times. While he probably now has a roster filled with legendary characters, it illustrates why games like Diablo Immortal won’t be launching in certain European countries any time soon.

He was also only stopped from spending more after his bank decided to freeze his credit card due to the transactions.

People in the Reddit thread this spawned have now claimed the game to be clearly broken in some capacity, as this shouldn’t be happening to anyone – despite how much they spend.

Just today, FIFA 22 was condemned for needing a whopping £11,500 to acquire a singular player from its Ultimate Team mode. The report has called for a total ban of loot boxes if they’re not better regulated, which in turn would begin to have a knock-on effect on gacha games.

A few years back, China requested that all games like this include a clear indication of the chances of getting items. Before this, Japan banned ‘complete gacha’ which would require players to acquire a set of items before being given the chance at a rarer item.

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