Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – how to get datacards

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has been a massive hit and as with other Lego games, it’s filled with hidden secrets.

As with all the Lego games, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is chock full of different characters and, because it’s Star Wars, iconic ships from across the galaxy.

It wouldn’t be a Lego game without cheats to help you along the way, but instead of just inputting codes into a menu (although you can do that too), The Skywalker Saga hides datacards around the various areas in the game.

These can include anything from multipliers for the studs you collect, for spending on unlocking characters, to sillier ones like a Super GNK Droid, which gives you a super-fast, powerful version of the plodding robots.

All datacard locations in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The datacards in the game aren’t so easily found, with the game going to great lengths to hide them in the various hub worlds. You’ll have to travel across the entire galaxy to find them and in most cases that means beating the associated story missions beforehand.

There are 19 datacards to find, with at least one hidden in each of the different Star Wars worlds.

Bespin datacard location

On Bespin (Cloud City), you’ll need to head to the Central Plaza. Using a scavenger character, use their Breaker Blaster in a corner towards the southeastern side.

A big glowing crack will indicate where you need to shoot. You will also want to bring a grappling character from the Hero, Astromech or Bounty Hunter classes to reach the other side.

Coruscant datacard locations

Lego Star Wars Mister Bones

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – every hub area has a datacard (pic: WB Games)

Travelling to Coruscant, there are two to find here. One is located near the large red door in the Federal District. A wire will lead to a grid that can be smashed open. Follow the path all the way around, across the balance beams and you’ll find yourself with a shield blocking your path.

Move both characters onto the buttons to grab the datacard and then head to the Outlander Club in the Uscru District.

When you get to this location, you’ll need to turn your back on the club and hop over the railing with a double jump to get to the round platform across the way.

Canto Bight datacard location

Episode IX’s Canto Bight only has one datacard, which you’ll find in Old Town. There are three different alleys, all inter-connected, and you’ll find the datacard perched on a balcony that you’ll want to use Finn (or any grappling character) to reach.

Crait datacard location

Speaking of Finn, go to Crait Outpost, Episode VIII’s salt planet with a character who can grapple and north of The Landing Pad, you’ll find in the rafters a datacard. You will want to climb the various ladders and platforms to reach it and then grapple when prompted, to get the card.

Exegol datacard location

Keeping in theme with the sequel trilogy, you want to now fly to Exegol. The Sith Citadel houses your next card. Standing on the platform near the landing pad, take it all the way down and then follow the stairs right at the end, on the right.

Go up and dead ahead you’ll see a chain you can leap onto. From here, climb up and balance along the pipes. You’ll see your prize right at the end.

Dagobah datacard location

If the Sith thrive on Exegol, then we’ll go do the polar opposite and visit Yoda on Dagobah. This one is very easy to find and all you need is a character that can grapple.

Head to the southeastern side of the map and on a tree dead centre in the middle of the area is your datacard. Grapple up and you’ll unlock it.

Endor datacard location

On Endor, there’s just the one datacard amongst the Ewok Village. Follow the spiral path near the ship. Shoot the target and a door will open revealing your datacard.

Geonosis datacard location

In the Stalgasin Hive Canyons on Geonosis the single datacard is hidden up a cliff that will need a scavenger to reach with the net launcher.

Northwest of the landing pad, a cliff will visually tell you that you can use the net launcher on it. Climb to the top of the cliff and then dart right towards a ledge. Swap to a character like Boba Fett who can grapple and fly, as you attempt to grapple when prompted while jumping off the ledge. Follow this up and you’ll be rewarded with the datacard.

Hoth datacard location

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga screenshot

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – every world has its secrets (pic: WB Games)

From dusty plains to snowy landscapes, Hoth hosts one single datacard in the Main Hangar in Echo Base.

This card is above the lights in the base. Look for a wall with grapple points on it towards the northeastern corner. From here grapple across the lights either by jumping then grappling or manoeuvring yourself until the prompt appears.

Jakku datacard location

Drop the snowboots and head to Jakku‘s Nima Outpost. There’s a shipwreck that can be jumped onto in the top corner of the northwest part of the map, in the centre is the card.

Kashyyyk datacard location

Wookies abound as Kashyyyk has a single card for you to collect. You’ll need to go to Tree Vikkilynn and work your way to the top. As you exit, jump across the platforms that are laid across the outside of the tree and in a crevice will be your datacard.

Kef Bir datacard location

The physics makes no sense on Kef Bir (why is the Death Star all the way out here?) but there is a datacard hidden in the Crash Site’s location, Company 77 Village.

When you enter the area, take a left and behind the hut is the datacard for you to collect.

Mustafar datacard location

Feeling like taking a trip to Mustafar? In the Klegger Corp Mining Facility you’ll find a staircase leading up to another floor. With a character that can grapple, find the large pipe with the grapple point on and fling yourself across to reach the hidden datacard.

Takodana datacard location

From here, we want to head to Maz’s Castle on Takodana. Keep the grapple character in tow and go west along the lake. Using the grapple, climb up the pillar with the point on it and press the switch. A treasure chest will open to reveal the datacard.

Tatooine datacard locations

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga screenshot

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Tatooine has three separate datacards (pic: WB Games)

Tatooine has the most datacards available. You’ll be going to Mos Espa’s Slave Quarters, Mos Eisley’s Civilian Quarters and Ben Kenobi’s house in the Jundland Wastes.

Starting in Mos Espa, you’ll notice the map is split into two prongs. Go straight down the top prong until you come to the first of two doors on the end. Don’t go in, but climb up the house and on the other side, you’ll see the datacard stashed away.

Mos Eisley is a little simpler, as all you’ll need to do is locate the house with red and white lights on it. Using a Jedi to move some blocks, climb up and reach the datacard in the air across from the house.

Now zip over to Kenobi’s house, run behind it and you’ll see a wall of brown bricks. Use a Jedi to climb to the top with the lightsaber. With the force, place the pole to match the rest and swing across.

Now take a right to follow a path and jump across to the opposite cliff to reach the datacard.

Yavin 4 datacard location

Finally, go to Yavin 4 and in the Temple Hangar use a grapple character in the centre of the hangar. You’ll see a scaffold and above that on the connecting bridge above, a grapple point. Climb up and you’ll reach the card.

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