Jane Foster Thor rumoured for Avengers game as next update is delayed

Lady Thor Jane Foster wielding ligthning

A worthy addition but she’ll probably play almost exactly like Thor (pic: Marvel Database)

A prominent Avengers leaker believes She-Hulk has been pushed back and the next playable character is the Jane Foster Thor.

There is still no official word on the next playable hero in Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers, making it seven months since the last one – Black Panther – came out (or four months if you play the PlayStation version, which got Spider-Man as an exclusive).

A popular rumour has pointed to She-Hulk being the next character, but it’s now been suggested that another character will come out before her in order to lessen an already lengthy content drought.

This comes from a prominent Avengers leaker named Miller, who was the same source for the She-Hulk rumour. They believe that, instead, Crystal Dynamics will be adding the Jane Foster version of Thor, aka Lady Thor.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the character, there was a period in the comics where Thor was deemed unworthy of wielding Mjolnir and his love interest, Jane Foster, took up the mantle in his place.

Elements of the storyline seem to be the basis for the new Thor movie, Love and Thunder, where Natalie Portman is cast as Jane Foster.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Miller suggests that Lady Thor will be something of an echo character; one that fundamentally plays exactly, or at least very similarly, to one of the characters already in the game.

(2/9) I do believe She-Hulk was pushed from Q4 2021 (which, as I understand, they were on-track to meet) in relative alignment with her eponymous Disney+ series’ delay. (I have my own theories as to why, but consider this: The Marvels is currently scheduled for February 2023. 🤔)

— Miller (@mmmmmmmmiller) March 21, 2022

She-Hulk, meanwhile, was meant to release before the end of 2021 but wound up being pushed back, probably because the She-Hulk Disney+ show also faced delays. Filming was meant to start mid-2020 but a little something called the worldwide pandemic threw a wrench into the works.

The show is expected to air later this year so it wouldn’t be surprising if Crystal Dynamics is holding out so it can take advantage of the cross-promotion opportunities. With Moon Knight coming this month and Ms. Marvel in the summer, She-Hulk probably won’t debut until the autumn.

(9/9) I look forward to seeing Crystal Dynamics’ interpretation of Jane Foster. A strong Season 2 for Marvel’s Avengers is on the horizon, and direct synergy with Thor: Love and Thunder’s impending marketing campaign is a compelling kickoff. pic.twitter.com/6m9QGXESms

— Miller (@mmmmmmmmiller) March 21, 2022

Since Crystal Dynamics needs another character to fill the gap, Miller speculates that the best solution would be a character that can be made quickly (i.e., with existing assets) and won’t disrupt the ongoing narrative.

She-Hulk could have arguably filled that role as well, since she and the Hulk ultimately have the same set of powers. In the comics though she’s always been portrayed very differently and has had full control of her Hulk since the beginning.

Avengers has had a rather tumultuous lifecycle ever since it released. After a buggy launch, several content delays, multiple controversies, and publisher Square Enix admitting it failed to meet expectations, 2022 has not been the big redemption arc some may have hoped for.

There have so far been no meaningful content updates and the 2.3 update, which promises to rework numerous gameplay aspects and add new missions, has been delayed.

It was meant to arrive tomorrow, on March 24, but Crystal Dynamics says it requires extra development time and is unable to provide a new release date.

Avengers is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia.

We’re taking some extra time on Patch 2.3 to ensure our new tuning and mission on-boarding are ready-to-go, and need to delay its launch. We’ll update you with the new date as soon as we have it!

— Marvel’s Avengers (@PlayAvengers) March 22, 2022

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