Hasan admits he needs more Twitch breaks: ‘I’m losing my mind’

He’s only had two days off since the year began (pic: Hasanabi)

Streaming every day is taking its toll on Twitch’s Hasan Piker, as he suggests he’ll be making more time for himself going forward.

Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker is one of the biggest names on Twitch and part of that is due to a consistent, and gruelling, daily schedule. In 2022 alone, he’s already streamed almost every day for a collective 668 hours, according to TwitchTracker.

While impressive, that sort of work ethic risks burnout and it appears Hasanabi knows this. In a recent Twitter post, he admits that he needs to start taking more time off from streaming.

He doesn’t go into any further detail, but he’s said that he feels like he’s ‘losing my mind a bit lately.’ Between his near daily schedule and his most recent streams being dedicated to the incredibly challenging and brutal Elden Ring, that’s hardly surprising.

i have to take more time off and also stream more fun stuff / collabs i feel like i’m losing my mind a bit lately

— hasanabi (@hasanthehun) March 24, 2022

The only real break Hasanabi has had this year was two days off in February, for which he apologised. ‘I’m burnt out. I don’t feel excited to stream and I don’t want to do that to you guys. I want to be able to make the best content possible. I’m sorry,’ he said.

At the time, some fans were understanding and wished him well, while others were far less forgiving, questioning how he can be exhausted when his streams have involved watching videos while eating food.

i’m taking two days off streaming. i’m burnt out. i don’t feel excited to stream and i don’t want to do that to you guys. i want to be able to make the best content possible. i’m sorry.

— hasanabi (@hasanthehun) February 12, 2022

Lately, rather than simply play video games for several hours, his streams have involved discussions on current world affairs and politics, including the Ukraine-Russia war.

He was banned from Twitch for a week last year for his use of the word ‘cracker,’ but he didn’t see it as an opportunity to make some time for himself. Instead, he went and did his streams on YouTube.

Twitch has already lost a number of its biggest names to YouTube, like Ludwig and Valkyrae, but Hasanabi went back to Twitch once the ban was lifted.

Despite Hasanabi’s commitment to his job, he’s only the sixth top streamer according to stats compiled by TwitchTracker. The number one Twitch streamer at the moment is xQc, who has managed to stream for over 800 hours since the beginning of 2022.

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