Genshin Impact 2.7 tier list: June 2022

Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact’s many, many characters have uses all through the game, but what’s best for your team?

With a vast roster of characters and quite a few being a bit useless, Genshin Impact can get a tad confusing once you’re in the thick of it. Who do you choose for your party and who do you religate to the abyss of a menu? 

As update 2.7 takes its stride and new characters like Yalen get evaluated by the community, it’s times like this that you absolutely need a tier list to even the playing field a little.

However, don’t take these to heart if you have your particular favourites. No one is judging if you do in fact use Amber past the first few hours, but it might be time to consider our tier list below. 

What does C mean in Genshin Impact tier lists?

Most lists will just assume you already know what’s happening and immediately start dumping different figures at you before even stopping to breathe. 

When you summon a different character from the various promotions (called banners) you might wind up getting a duplicate. For each duplicate, you can then combine the two characters into one to increase their Constellation. 

Constellations add extra power to the character, which maxes out at six. Some characters will be on par with a C6 character even at lower tiers, so make sure you’re not going for banners with characters that might not be great to start with.

Genshin Impact tier list categories

Genshin Impact’s community has decided that out of the four party members, one or two will be used for the various elemental effects that the game encourages. If you use water on a fire type enemy, it’ll be extinguished, while setting fire to grass, and letting enemies burn, will deal damage over time. 

These categories are Damage Per Second, Sub-Damage Per Second (the team members that will be used to cause elemental damage) and Support, who will often heal. 

In the community’s view, for example, a character like Ayato will be your damage dealer, while the characters Kazuha and Yun Jin will help heal and buff your team with additional power. You will then switch to Rosaria to deal additional elemental damage when needed. 

Genshin Impact tier list for June 2022

There are a lot of characters in Genshin Impact, so for now we’ll only be covering the true top tier characters. This lovely bunch will help you through just about everything the game has to offer, so be sure to keep an eye out for the different banners.

However, it is recommended you avoid Yelan’s for now, despite being the new kid on the block.

Genshin Impact top tier damage per second characters

  • Hu Tao (C1)
  • Ayaka (C0)
  • Ayato (C2)
  • Ganyu (C1)
  • Raiden (C2)
  • Arataki (C2)

Genshin Impact top tier sub-damage per second characters

  • Yelan (C0)
  • Xingqiu (C6)
  • Ayaka (C0)
  • Albedo (C0)
  • Raiden (C0)
  • Xiangling (C4)
  • Kazuha (C0)
  • Venti (C0)

Genshin Impact top tier support characters

  • Zhongli (C0)
  • Bennett (C1)
  • Kazuha (C0)
  • Raiden (C0)
  • Diona (C6)

Yelan is currently the new favourite amongst the community, with a lot of players reporting that her power is superior to quite a few of the other, older characters. As time goes on though, and people re-evaluate where they’d position certain characters, this could all change once again.

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