Genshin Impact: 2.7 banners plus new characters and weapons

You won’t use three-quarters of these characters (Source: miHoYo)

With a Covid outbreak in Shanghai, the 2.7 update might be delayed. However, the characters featured have been announced.

The wildly popular Genshin Impact is currently working towards its 2.7 update, with developers miHoYo planning to release two new characters into its bulging roster.

If you’ve never played Genshin Impact before, it’s a gacha game. Gacha is derived from the Japanese term gachapon, which you’ll remember more fondly as the 20p machines that give you little toys in a plastic capsule. These video game takes on the concept are huge around the world, pulling in millions every week, with players trying to acquire particular characters that are earned at random.

Genshin Impact is currently one of the top gacha games, with its updates always keenly anticipated. Banner is the term used for new promotions, due to the in-game advertisements looking like a banner you’d see at a real world event.

Genshin Impact 2.6 banner and release date

Genshin Impact’s 2.6 update continues forward until May, featuring a returning character to headline the second phase of the update.

Zephyr of the Violet Garden will run from April 19 to May 10.

Character Kamisato Ayaka, a cryo character who uses ice attacks, is being rerun in lieu of a new character. Ayaka is incredibly popular amongst the community and is highly regarded as one of the best characters in the game.

Joining them is Razor, Rosaria, and Sayu, which will all see an increased chance of you acquiring them.

Genshin Violet Garden

Looks quite peaceful (Source: miHoYo)

Weapons that can be acquired will include five-star rated sword Mistsplitter Reforged and claymore The Unforged. Lower tier weapons are also available and these will include:

  • Favonius Sword
  • The Bell Claymore
  • Favonius Lance
  • Favonius Codex

Genshin Impact 2.7 banner and release date

Genshin Impact 2.7 banner

Yelan and Kuki lead the charge (Source: miHoYo)

This is where things become a little murky, as miHoYo is based in Shanghai, which is experiencing a Coid outbreak which is delaying work on the game. As such, they’ve only been non-committal about a release date for the new update.

[RUMOR] Rampant discussions appearing about the possibility of 2.7 being delayed by 2 – 3 weeks due to the severity of the Covid situation in Shanghai.

Rumors of this delay containing a short filler banner are also floating around, but this claim has less support than the first.

— SaveYourPrimos 💎🙌 (Mistsplitter Waiting Room) (@SaveYourPrimos) April 14, 2022

Reaching out to, a representative stated, ‘We’ve also noticed some discussions among fans and players, and our team has been doing our best working on the game and future updates at this moment.’

This leaves the estimated release date of 2.7 in the lurch. Instead, speculation puts it around May 11, six weeks after the current update. But with the current situation in China it is looking like this might no longer be the case.

However, dataminers began to dig into the files of the game in March, discovering the characters and weapons to be featured in the 2.7 banner.

The two characters apparently planned to head the banners are Kuki Shinobu, an electric based character, and Yelan – a hydro character. These have also been teased on the official Twitter account with official artwork.

Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android.

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