Even Roblox is full of Wordle clones and they’re surprisingly good

Vocab Havoc Roblox Wordle clone gameplay multiplayer

Vocab Havoc is ‘influenced’ by Wordle, which is a weird way of saying ‘copied’ (pic: Roblox)

Not even Roblox is safe from Wordle clones, although player numbers show that it’s not the ideal platform for the word guessing game.

While the internet is chock full of Wordle clones, it seems like the majority of them were made just for fun. Very few of them have come close to being as popular as the original game (Quordle and Heardle are probably the most successful) but making Wordle clones is almost like a hobby at this point.

It wasn’t surprising to see several clones pop up on mobile app stores with the more cynical purpose of using Wordle’s popularity to make money. However, we’ve recently discovered that another platform is playing host to Wordle clones: Roblox.

As a reminder, Roblox is an online platform where players (usually young kids) can create their own games for others to play. Some even make money through it by selling their games, which people purchase with the Robux in-game currency.

Judging from a search through Roblox’s store, however, it doesn’t seem like the creators behind these clones were looking to make money. They just wanted to make Wordle playable via Roblox.

Many of them don’t even change the name and are openly honest that it’s the exact same game, just repurposed for the platform.

The earliest example we could find is from early January, simply called Wordle – Roblox Edition. Made by user riply1031, it appears to be an attempt at making a harder version of the game, since you’re limited to four guesses instead of the usual six.

Another titled Wordle – Word Of The Day is a much closer copy, as demonstrated in a YouTube video uploaded by its creator, twinqle. The only difference is that the background isn’t a blank white void, almost making the game look like an ancient monolith that you need to put the correct letters into.

The only one we spotted that didn’t include Wordle in its name was Vocab Havoc by LSPLASH, although its page on the Roblox store fully admits to the influences.

Surprisingly, the majority of Wordle clones on Roblox seem to be single-player, despite Roblox having a strong social element. Vocab Havoc takes full advantage of that by being a multiplayer version of the game, one that lets you incorporate your custom Roblox avatar.

There’s clearly a demand for Wordle multiplayer judging by how many attempts there are at it online. It’s paid off for Vocab Havoc as, at time of writing, more than 87,000 people have played it.

It appears to be an exception, however. The majority of these clones have gained little attention, some not even breaking double digits in their player counts.

The earlier examples have fared much better (Wordle – Roblox Edition has had nearly 5,000 people play it and Wordle – Word Of The Day managed 1,090), but that’s probably because they were among the first to be made after Wordle took off at the start of the year.

Since Roblox is primarily for kids it’s not exactly the most obvious venue for Wordle but it does show that Roblox can turn its hand to literally anything, given how many people use it.

As for Wordle itself, the game is still regularly a trending Twitter topic, and even elicits a new controversy every once in a while.

Wordle Photo Illustrations

There’s no dethroning the king (pic: Getty Images)

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