Escape From Tarkov account wipe expected soon

Tarkov Wipe

You can do it too with Tarkov (pic: Battlestate Studios/

Popular online shooter Escape From Tarkov is due an account wipe soon, but they’re being vague about exactly when.

Escape From Tarkov is still growing in popularity, popular for its harsh realism and bleak take on the open world genre. Billing itself as both shooter and massively multiplayer online game, it’s one of the most popular live service games around at the moment. Think Destiny 2, but where a single bullet can kill you. Then you lose everything.

Developers Battlestate Games routinely update the game with different events to keep players invested, with the biggest ones happening twice a year: a complete account wipe.

Battlestate Games’ intention with wiping player accounts is to prevent anyone from breaking the game by gathering too much of an arsenal, and stopping players from hoarding items. However, the account wipes are always kept close to their chest for some reason.

When is the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

The game usually resets everything back to zero every six months or so. As such, the wipe is now expected to hit in June or July, based on the last time the game was wiped in December 2021.

The game’s reset date is never revealed by Battlestate Games, as they don’t want anyone playing around the wipe date. Otherwise everyone that’s been hoarding weapons will suddenly use them all at once, making it impossible for anyone with anything but the top gear and weapons to survive.

So, the game never reveals too much, even including new messages from the various in-game factions – which are in Russian, despite having a predominately Western audience.

The game’s current event involves raiders taking over a new section of the map. The two bosses, Killa and Tagilla (really), are now roaming together in the same zone and players must work together to fight them and then, inevitability, fight between themselves for the loot the pair leave behind.

It’s an interesting game that builds on the tense player-versus-player interactions that other survival games, like DayZ, first started experimenting with around a decade ago,

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