Elden Ring: how to beat Draconic Tree Sentinel

You’re going to need to beat them to get to that door (Source: YouTube)

A variation on one of the first major enemies you find in Elden Ring, the Draconic Tree Sentinel might give you a bit of trouble.

Elden Ring has a lot of boss fights. Outside of the main cavalcade of enemies, the world is filled with mini-bosses for you to take on. The first of these you’ll discover is the Tree Sentinel, a knight on horseback who can kill you in one hit about five minutes into the game.

However, with such a large world, FromSoftware, the developers of Elden Ring, have created variations on the different mini-bosses. Dragons, homages to bosses from Dark Souls, and even the dreaded Tree Sentinel all reappear later on in the game.

The Draconic Tree Sentinel might appear to be a mere repeat, but you’ll have to approach it with caution and be sure you’re prepared before it stomps all over you.

Draconic Tree Sentinel guide – phase one

To find the boss, you’ll need to head to the Captial Outskirts, where it’ll only appear if you’ve managed to progress through Fia’s quest (the woman in the Roundtable Hold who holds you).

Beating this boss will also give you access to the Leyndell Royal Capital, as well as the rewards of the dragon greatclaw and dragonclaw shield.

The closest Site of Grace is called Capital Rampart, which is across from our target.

Draconic Tree Sentinel acts similarly to the regular Tree Sentinel, in that they’ll ride around swinging their heavy weapon in aim of not only damaging you, but potentially killing your mount, Torrent.

For that reason it’s best to make sure you have a good supply of Rowa raisins, which you can craft from Rowa fruit and are used to heal Torrent (a frozen raisin is even more effective). Add these to your pouch, so you can select them quickly, as you’re going to need them.

A massive slam from the Sentinel

Avoid this or get squished (Source: YouTube)

It’s recommended you stick to the side with the shield, as the other side has the giant weapon that will almost definitely kill you.

The major difference between this and the regular Tree Sentinel is that you’ll be avoiding the dragon fire that the horse can breathe at you. These will more than likely hit your mount, so not only will you have to keep an eye on your own health, but Torrent’s as well.

Other moves you might see is when it slams on the ground, which it’ll do when you get too close, and when it tries to pounce to reach you. The slam can knock you down too, setting you up for another attack.

As with the Tree Sentinel, this one will also try to shield bash you or swipe with the shield if you stick to one side for too long.

The best tactic is to keep circling around with Torrent and keep your distance when a massive slam is coming down. If you’re confident enough to take it on without Torrent, just ensure you’re dodging before the attack connects to avoid damage.

Draconic Tree Sentinel – phase two

Draconic Tree Sentinel

These will really sting (Source: YouTube)

Dragons don’t just breath fire in Elden Ring, as bosses like the Dragonlord, from later in the game, sometimes shoot red lightning too. The Draconic Tree Sentinel is no different, making the second phase of the fight even harder.

Not only will this imbue their weapon with red lightning, but they can begin summoning lightning bolts to surround you when going in for the attack.

If you’ve built a character that isn’t particularly great at resisting lightning damage, the main method here is to avoid everything until you see an opening. Your fight might slow down, but if the weapon doesn’t kill you, the red sparks will.

The fight mostly goes on the same after this, with the only changes being faster attacks and added lightning to deal with.

Continue to whittle down their health and eventually, you’ll succeed. Now be warned, as another exists and is not indicated as a mini-boss, but as a regular enemy.

In the same area as the Dragonlord, the Crumbling Farum Azula, another sentinel will block your path. However, as this one is a mere regular enemy, you can easily take another route or ride right past to avoid it.

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