Dr Disrespect courts disaster by partnering with blockchain company

Dr Disrespect

What could go wrong? (pic: Metro.co.uk)

Dr Disrespect’s gaming studio has taken up a partnership with the Ethereum based company Polygon Studios for a new game.

The world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain is horrendously complex, and hideously stupid. However, despite the constant crashes in value and scams that plague the entirety of Web3, it seems to be soldiering on.

Dr Disrespect has been working on a game with his studio, Midnight Society, but there’s never been any real information on what it is. What we now know, with this partnership with Polygon Studios, is that it’ll feature a blockchain-based item and trading system.

What this means for players is that they’ll ‘own’ the items and potentially make money off selling them. Midnight Society is using Polygon’s technology so ‘players can trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment’.

What is Polygon Studios?

Polygon Studios is a spin-off company of Polygon, which offers Ethereum integrations into applications without the heavy burden of the ecological impact (so they say). Polygon claims that their tech is carbon neutral, going against a majority of the power-hungry blockchain technologies – including the original Ethereum it was based on.

Play-to-earn and NFTs

This new style of games are dubbed ‘play-to-earn’, with a heavy emphasis on acquiring items to generate cash for both player and company. This is done by creating non-fungible tokens, which are data that the game then reads as an in-game item. NFTs are essentially a receipt that indicates ownership of a particular item.

Ubisoft introduced non-fungible tokens into the latest Ghost Recon game, which was deemed a failure after a lack of interest and fan revolt. Square Enix intends to push forward with a ‘play-to-earn’ model in some of their games, despite fans wishing they wouldn’t.

Play-to-earn failures

A game called Axie Infinity has a majority audience based in the Philippines, with some even making playing it a full-time job.

In the case of Axie Infinity, the currency it used in-game crashed at the same time as the rest of the cryptocurrencies did, leaving players with financial issues as their investments flopped.

NFT games aren’t new, as an F1 licensed game, F1 Delta Time, was recently closed after around four years of service. This left players with the tokens they used in-game but rendered them worthless, since they couldn’t be used in another game.

Polygon Studios’ technology is now being used in the developer’s new game that they’ve created to replace the F1 Delta Game, with replacements for the tokens, but this didn’t go down well with player.

Midnight Society might want to learn lessons from the surrounding issues with cryptocurrency and NFTs, because if their game begins to falter in numbers it could upset a lot of people who pick the game up based on Disrespect’s reputation.

Other examples of failures in the crypto-gaming space include the recent ‘rug pull’ with a rip-off Pokémon. A rug pull is where the money that was invested into the game to raise the price, in an attempt to bring value to it, is suddenly taken away by the creators.

$2.3 million was scammed out of users, with the group behind it eventually muting the Telegram group to silence any complaints.

Midnight Society have announced their partnership with Polygon Studios, a uniting of Dr Disrespect and Fwiz

They aim to construct a platform which “players can trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment” pic.twitter.com/Gs1qjsUSuo

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) May 31, 2022

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