BTS Army has made its own take on Wordle spin-off Heardle

Even the Wordle clones are getting clones now (Credit Getty / Heardle)

The best unofficial Wordle spin-off is now itself getting unofficial clones, with a whole game based solely on BTS songs.

It may be one of many Wordle spin-offs, but Heardle has enough going for it that it may as well be a wholly original game.

Given it’s all about guessing music, Heardle lends itself well to other versions focused on a specific singer or band. In this case, a group of fans have come together to make BTS Heardle.

As you can gather from the name, this narrows down Heardle’s selection of music to just songs from South Korean boy band BTS. So that either makes the game a lot more fun if you’re a fan (i.e. member of the devoted BTS Army) or a lot harder if you’re not.

For the most part, it functions exactly the same as the original Heardle. You have to figure out what song is being played based on just a few seconds of audio. For every incorrect or skipped attempt, more of the song is played.

Just like Heardle, it also offers a drop-down menu with a list of BTS’ music in case you can’t quite remember the exact name of a song. It also limits you to one puzzle a day but with well over a hundred songs released by the K-Pop icons, that’s at least a few months’ worth of unique answers until it has to start repeating itself.

The only real difference is that you have seven guesses instead of six. This may be because, unlike Heardle, the game displays one line of a song’s lyrics in English and, for your first guess, it’s your only clue. You only start listening to the music snippets on your subsequent guesses.

It’ll probably only be a matter of time until fans of other bands begin making their own unique alternatives for Heardle. Whether this leads to The New York Times buying the original game out like it did with Wordle is another question entirely, although something like Rolling Stone would be more fitting.

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