Amouranth begins to tease Streamer Royale follow-up event

Amouranth in outfit

She actually got the plane (pic: Amouranth)

Twitch streamer Amouranth has had a massive success with her first major production, Streamer Royale, and is now planning to do more.

Amouranth’s first major production since leaving OnlyFans has been widely accepted as a success, so much so that she’s already teasing her next event. 

The Streamer Royale brought in consistent viewership of around 25,000 Twitch users throughout the five-hour Wipeout/Gladiator knock-off. Streamers from across the internet dived through bubbles or hit each other with sticks to determine who was the winner. 

Now, Amouranth has taken to her Twitter account to begin teasing her fans about a new event via the rhetorical question of whether or not they’d like to see more of this type of content. 

In recent years, Twitch’s focus has moved away from full-time video game streaming and has embraced the spirit of its previous iteration, Justin.TV, which allowed for almost any kind of streaming. 

Amouranth came to prominence during the pandemic, riding what was dubbed the ‘hot tub meta’, where different streamers would chat with their audience while in a hot tub.

This move, combined with income from OnlyFans, where people can subscribe to see lewd content, saw Amouranth’s success, and her bank balance, skyrocket.

Recently she’s begun to diversify, investing millions into major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon, while also bringing in staff to help her manage her growing empire.

Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa intends to leave OnlyFans and the world of adult content behind in June, in hopes to grow her brand without the negative connotations of lewd content.

Siragusa also claimed she was going to be acquiring a private jet to fly her guests to the event and, in the video below, that’s exactly what she did.

The Streamer Royale format, of getting together a bunch of streamers for one big event is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, Dr. Disrespect hosted his Fortnite event for a cash prize of $100,000, while iDubbbz held a boxing event called Creator Clash, which is now also teasing a sequel. 

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