Five must-know iPhone hacks you need to learn – including trick to type FASTER

APPLE is continuously improving the iPhone with changes for good – and bad.

Thankfully, as the years have gone on, there’s a whole wealth of options available to make the most of your phone.

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Here are five must-know tricks that are easy to set up now.

Type faster with the trackpad keyboard

Moving your finger back over words to fix mistakes is a bit fiddly to say the least.

But there is a much simpler and faster way.

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If you hold onto the space bar it turns into a massive trackpad that allows you to slide right and left with greater freedom, placing the cursor on the correct spot.

Save unimportant notifications for later

With so many apps, notifications can become quite overwhelming and the most important ones can get lost in the crowd.

Thankfully there’s a feature called Scheduled Summary to the rescue.

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It bundles the notifications you care less about together and sends them at the same time instead.

To set it up, go to Settings, followed by Notifications, then Scheduled Summary.

Switch it on and choose the apps that are less important by tapping Add Apps.

On the screen after you can decide the times you want the first and second bundle to appear.

Put Safari’s bar back at the top

Not all changes on iPhone go down well – but luckily you can reverse some of them.

The latest version of Safari shifted the search bar and tab switcher to the bottom.

If you preferred how it was before up top, you can change it back.

In Settings, find Safari and scroll down to the Tabs section.

Tick Single Tab and it’ll move them to the top again.

Time to focus

Whether it’s important work or studies, the Focus settings are there to help you from distractions.

By default, you have Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Personal and Work.

Going to Settings followed by Focus and you can set each one up as you like – and even create your own for specific situations.

The set-up process allows you to do things like restrict who can and cannot contact you, and which apps can send notifications.

You can set a time for each mode to switch on automatically too if you want.

Get notifications through your AirPods

Did you know you can get your notifications broadcast through your headphones while you’re out and about?

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In Settings, go to Siri & Search.

Tap Announce Notifications and switch Headphones on.

iPhone is full of useful hacks

iPhone is full of useful hacksCredit: Alamy

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