Who is Georgina Rodriguez’s sister Ivana?

AFTER the premiere of the documentary I Am Georgina on Netflix, fans got to know more about Georgina Rodriguez’s sister, Ivana.

There is more than just Cristiano Ronaldo to Georgina’s family life and here we get to know more about her close sister, Ivana.

Ivana is Georgina Rodriguez’s older sister and shares a close relationship with both her and her husband Cristiano RonaldoCredit: @ivana.rodriguez/Instagram

Who is Georgina Rodriguez’s sister Ivana?

Ivana, 31, is Georgina’s eldest sister born on May 21, 1990.

She and Georgina grew up to be very close sisters, especially when their father was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking.

They grew up together in a town in Spain called Jaca.

Their mother passed away in a car accident in 2011 and the sisters stuck together throughout their upbringing.

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Ivana always said she has great admiration for what Georgina achieved.

After the premiere of her documentary, I Am Georgina, Ivana posted on her Instagram congratulating her sister for her success.

She said: “Congratulations on success reality dear.

“Nothing better than being a good person, spontaneous and fun.

“You are charismatic.

“Thank you for always giving your best.

“And for never stop fighting.

“You chose the right path in life since you were a little girl.

“Always together, hand in hand. Love you sis.”

Growing up, they attended ballet lessons together and moved to England to study English before returning to Spain and working as shop assistants in a Gucci store.

Where is Ivana Rodriguez now?

She worked her way to become a brand model and an Instagram influencer.

She shows examples of healthy diets and body weight loss journeys.

Ivana also travels the world alongside her sister, showing several pictures at matches and events that Georgina and Cristiano attend.

She attended several Real Madrid matches and also was alongside her sister in Turin when Cristiano joined Juventus.

Is Ivana Rodriguez married and does she have any children?

Ivana is in a relationship with one Cristiano’s close friends, Carlos Garcia.

Carlos is a Portuguese painter and sculptor.

The couple have been together since 2018 and in 2021 they had their first child together, Deva.

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The couple shares many photos of their family on their social media.

It seems that they are yet to tie the know and get married.


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