UFC star Colby Covington claims Tyron Woodley’s MUM’S reaction after Jake Paul knockout proves fight was fixed

COLBY COVINGTON has claimed Tyron Woodley’s MUM’S reaction after Jake Paul’s knockout proves their fight was ‘definitely a fix’.

Paul first beat the ex-UFC champion on points in August but won the rematch four months later by brutal KO.

Colby Covington claimed Tyron Woodley's MUM'S reaction after Jake Paul's KO proves their fight was 'definitely a fix

Colby Covington claimed Tyron Woodley’s MUM’S reaction after Jake Paul’s KO proves their fight was ‘definitely a fixCredit: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

But some internet conspiracists tried to argue it was all staged – and that Woodley had a secret hand signal to set up the final punch.

Now UFC welterweight Covington – a known troll and trash talker – has chimed in with the same wild accusation.

And the 34-year-old even went as far to say the reaction of Woodley’s mum, who was laughing in the ring after, is some sort of evidence.

Covington said on the Nel Boys’ podcast: “It was definitely a fix, you could tell.

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“Just the way he like signalled to him like, ‘Hey OK, put your hand down, now you’re gonna take the knockout’.

“Then you see Woodley’s mum, like she’s dancing around in the f***ing octagon, like screaming right next to her son.

“Like, dude, your son just got knocked out and humiliated in front of the world and you’re f***ing screaming happy?

“That was a work, 100 per cent.”

It is not the first time Paul has been faced with match fixing allegations and most recently addressed the rumours in September.

He also told YouTube group Nelk Boys: “It’s bulls***. I don’t know about anything else.

“I’m talking about my fights. I can’t speak to anyone else’s fights. But also like highly illegal, like you got a prison for this for your lifetime s***.”

Woodley, 39, himself and one of his coaches have also publicly quashed the wild claims.

Traner Din Thomas said on Sirius XM: “That whole theory, it makes me laugh. Because being in his camp, I know how serious it was.

It was definitely a fix, you could tell.

Colby Covington on Jake Paul’s KO of Tyron Woodley

“It was serious like Tyron really wanted this win back, he really wanted this fight and it was a serious thing.

“Now, if it was a dive, I wish they told me about it because I wouldn’t have shown up and taken the night off.

“I’d be like partying but that wasn’t the case. I mean it was a real, legit fight.”

And Woodley, who in 2020 lost to Covington, spoke out on the The MMA Hour: “Yeah, I took a motherf***ing dive.

“But it wasn’t on purpose, that motherf***er hit me with some s***.”

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Paul, 25, has also knocked out online rival ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 37, and retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 37.

And following a recent announcement, he will return to the ring in August.

Tyron Woodley was knocked out in his rematch with Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley was knocked out in his rematch with Jake PaulCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Tyron Woodley was beaten by Colby Covington in 2020

Tyron Woodley was beaten by Colby Covington in 2020Credit: Getty


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