‘Sadistic’ teenage girl, 17, and two men jailed for life after torturing doctor to death as she laughed in park

A SADISTIC teen who murdered a doctor in a homophobic attack with two others has been caged for life.

Dionne Timms-Williams was just 16 when she helped torture dad-of-two Dr Gary Jenkins, 54, to death as he begged her to stop.

Dionne Timms-Williams has been described as a Jekyll and Hyde characterCredit: WNS

She was today caged for life after previously being found guilty of murder.

Co-defendants Jason Edwards, 25, and Lee Strickland, 36, were also convicted of murdering Dr Jenkins in Bute Park, Cardiff.

The court was told Timms-Williams was seen laughing as she punched and kicked the consultant psychiatrist.

The brutal attack was motivated by “greed, homophobia and a straightforward liking of violence”.

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In a harrowing 15 minute audio clip, Dr Jenkins could be heard as he was “cruelly beaten, robbed, tortured and left for dead”.

Timms-Williams could be heard yelling “money” and “now” before a slew of homophobic insults were directed at the dad-of-two.

Dr Jenkins repeatedly pleaded “why” and “please, stop it” before his pained moans grow quieter.

The teen then demanded “Get down”, “Do it all over again”, “Do it”, “Hit him again” as a male voice added: “Stamp on his head. Stamp on his head too.”

At one stage, passer-by attempts to intervene but is then assaulted.

The girl says: “Yeah, I needed that.”

Bystander Louis Williams, who bravely fought back to the stop the attack, described the girl as “f***ing evil and sadistic”.

Dr Jenkins, who lived alone in Cardiff after separating from his wife six years earlier, was taken to hospital but died two weeks later.

Prosecutor Dafydd Enoch QC described the teenager as a “very troubled young woman”.

He said: “We ask you not to make the mistake in this case of assuming that 16-year-old was some sort of wilting flower caught up in something that was not of her making.

“The reality is a million miles from that scenario. For her to have acted in that way she must be a very troubled young woman.

“She was loud and confident and was laughing during the attack. It was torture, pure and simple.”

Dr Jenkins was beaten to death

Dr Jenkins was beaten to deathCredit: PA

Timms-Williams changed from a flower-loving teen to a tearaway

Timms-Williams changed from a flower-loving teen to a tearawayCredit: WNS

She is now facing life in prison

She is now facing life in prisonCredit: WNS

She wrapped herself in a blanket in a cynical bid to appear innocent to cops after she murdered a doctor

She wrapped herself in a blanket in a cynical bid to appear innocent to cops after she murdered a doctorCredit: PA


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