Optical illusion of ‘Crocs and socks’ reignites years-long debate

CAN you figure out what color these crocs are? This optical illusion tricks your mind into thinking you’re looking at gray-colored crocs when in reality it’s pink.

This illusion demonstrates color perception. How humans perceive color depends on how dim or bright the light is.

People perceive the crocs in this photo to be a gray color when in reality they’re actually pinkCredit: Pascal Wallisch & Michael Karlovich

Under “normal” lighting conditions, most people would see the crocs as being pink.

However, when put under a green light, such as in the video, they appear gray.

Yet, some people believe the socks in the photo are white despite appearing green.

In reality, they are white but appear green to most people due to the trick of the light.

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Even more amazing, when the socks turn white in the video, some people still perceive the crocs to be gray, showing how color perception can still be tricked.

A similar comparison is “the dress” debate which had people arguing on what color a photo of a dress was – black and blue or white and gold.

Most recently, in 2020, singer Billie Eilish sparked a passionate online debate over the color of her shoes – green and white or pink and white.

She shared a photo of the shoes on Instagram, saying her dad thought they were pink and white. 

It turns out that the sneakers are actually green and white – but many of her fans refused to accept this. 

Billie herself was shocked by people who couldn’t see the true color of her shoes. 

She said: “I don’t know what happened to you in your f*cking childhoods, but pink and white?!?

“That’s what you’re going with? Pink and white? PINK AND WHITE?”

The shoes are actually listed as “mint white” online, which solves the dilemma, but many people were adamant still that they could only see pink. 


Another added: “Billie Eilish trying to tell me that her shoes are mint and white and not pink and white.”

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If you enjoyed being baffled by this optical illusion, then take a look at Richard Russell’s “Illusion of Sex” – designed to reveal how people view genders.

Or if you prefer animals, see how many animals you can spot in this illusion.

The actual photo of the crocs is on the left

The actual photo of the crocs is on the leftCredit: Pascal Wallisch & Michael Karlovich

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