My husband and I make our bed a very specific way, but everybody says it looks like ‘a nightmare’ to sleep in

THERE’S nothing like getting into a clean, well-made bed.

When the sheets are nice and soft, and they’re pulled tightly across the mattress, it just feels cozier.

Melissa Metrano says she and her husband are very particular about how they make their bedCredit: TikTok/melissametrano

She showed viewers her unexpected method in a TikTok video

She showed viewers her unexpected method in a TikTok videoCredit: TikTok/melissametrano

A woman named Melissa Metrano, who goes by @melissametrano on TikTok, has faced some judgement over the way she makes her bed.

In the clip, she said: “My husband and I are pretty particular about how the bed is made, so I wanted to show you how we do it.”

Melissa began by stripping the bed of everything but the fitted sheet.

“Next I take this grey weighted blanket and fold it in half just on my husband’s side of the bed.”

She covered the entirety of the right side of the bed with the sandwiched plush blanket.

“Then I take our duvet cover and put it over the entire bed, and make sure the bottom is even. And I fold it down halfway from the top.”

Her third step was just as unexpected as the earlier ones.

“I take this fleece blanket and fold it up at the top,” she said, while laying the cover over the whole top of the bed where one is supposed to get in.

“And I tuck everything in on the sides.”

The bizarre tactic seemed difficult to get into, with so many different layers strewn in different parts of the bed.

Next, she moved on to stacking their pillows.

“I have three: one soft, one tempur-pedic, and my pregnancy pillow that I still use.

“Then I stack Harry’s two pillows.

“And then I go ahead and finish off by putting on some throw pillows for décor and my knotted blanket at the end.”

While the results looked pretty, what was underneath all those layers was a source of confusion:

“This looks like a nightmare to sleep in…” one person wrote.

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“What is the purpose of the fleece blanket up at the top?” another wondered.

“You don’t get annoyed at all that excess blankets?! Impressed,” added a third.

The finished product looked nice, but the way she got there was unheard of

The finished product looked nice, but the way she got there was unheard ofCredit: TikTok/melissametrano

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