My co-worker tattooed man with huge pimple on his back

WE HAVE all heard terrifying tales of tattoos gone wrong.

But one artist has flipped the script to share the gruesome story of what happened when her co-worker tattoed a man with a HUGE pimple on his back.

Tattoo artist Kay Allday shared her colleagues horrifying experience on TikTokCredit: tiktok

She posted a video of the stomach-churning story to warn clients of getting tatted with a pimple

She posted a video of the stomach-churning story to warn clients of getting tatted with a pimpleCredit: tiktok

TikToker and ink lover Kay Allday, who runs tattoo studio The Painted Lady, posted a video detailing her colleague’s stomach-churning experience.

She explained how another artist had been inking a man’s entire back when he spotted a large pimple.

Instead of leaving a zit-sized hole in the client’s artwork, he opted to persevere with his design armed with his 25 Magnum tattoo needle.

But his creative flow was soon disrupted when the mammoth pimple popped – and shot directly into the tattoo artist’s mouth.

Kay explained: “He got up and ran to the bathroom to throw up. He was in there for a good 15 minutes before he came back out.”

She shared the nauseating narrative with her legion of followers in a bid to warn them off getting inked with zits.

But Kay, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, admitted it was a bad idea for her co-worker to carry on over the zit – especially while keeping his mouth wide open.

The gross anecdote proved a hit with her 24,600 TikTok followers, seeing the video rack up a whopping 524,000 views.

One commented: “Going over a zit and kept his mouth open lol doesn’t seem to be that smart of a move. Maybe he wanted a taste test?”

Another joked: “If I was the client I would sprint away and never eave my house ever again.”

While a third wrote: “Life lesson # 1 keep your mouth closed while tattooing.”

Kay, who has been tattooing for almost ten years, regularly shares harrowing tales of nightmare clients in a series of videos she titled ‘Tattoo Horror Stories’.

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