‘Invisible man’ becomes viral sensation after camouflaging himself in different settings

AN ‘invisible man’ is becoming a viral sensation after camouflaging himself in different settings.

Only known as Wang, the man paints himself to fit perfectly into various backdrops in Jinan, China.

Wang paints himself into backdrops around ChinaCredit: Zash / TMX

He spent three hours painting himself into this flower field in Jinan

He spent three hours painting himself into this flower field in JinanCredit: Zash / TMX

Wang has shared his process in videos, showing how precisely he paints himself to align perfectly with different settings.

On April 11 at a park in Jinan, he spent three hours perfectly painting himself to fit into a flower field.

He has also painted himself to blend into a tree trunk surrounded by leaves.

In that video, he says: “Look, everyone, here is a new camouflage cloth, and it matches the color of the surrounding environment really well. I stand here motionless, simply a fake image over the real,” according to Zenger.

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Sometimes, Wang will paint himself to fit into a restaurant.

On one occasion, he even offered to pay for the dinner of the first person to notice him.

Most times when he paints himself, he is incredibly difficult to spot from the front, prompting him to look invisible.

In another instance, Wang is atop a skyscraper.

He painted himself to be part of the flower garland.

In the video, he says: “It is too high here, even for me.” But he proceeds anyway.

However, not all of his painting projects are smooth sailing.

One video shows Wang getting kicked out of a location by security guards. But the guards let him back in upon later seeing his painted self from the outside of the building.

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The key to Wang’s precision? Using a cell phone.

By using the phone to take pictures, he can constantly check his progress and make sure he is camouflaging himself as best he can.

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