I’m a Walmart worker – the best time to shop to save money and get best products revealed

SKYROCKETING prices and supply chain issues have made it more difficult for shoppers to get the items they want at a decent price.

If Walmart is your store of choice though, employees say there are certain times of day you should visit in order to get the best product selection and deals.

Making sure the item you want is in stock when you head to the store is more important than ever. There are tips Walmart shoppers can follow to get the best selectionCredit: Getty

Walmart employees say you should head to the story first thing in the morning to get the best product selection and avoid the crowds

Walmart employees say you should head to the story first thing in the morning to get the best product selection and avoid the crowdsCredit: Getty

Whether you are worried about a supply chain-related shortage or just shopping for something that is in high demand, a store employee claims product selection is better at certain times of day.

According to a post on Quora, which was written about on BestLife, you’ll find the best selection of products first thing in the morning.

“If you are shopping for consumables like non-perishable food and toilet paper, it’s best to be there as soon as the store opens,” Walmart employee E. Clayton wrote in a response on Quora.

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So if you’re looking for a hot item on sale, head to Walmart right away to ensure you can get your hands on it.

According to a Walmart sales associate, you can also time your shopping trips to avoid crowds.

If you want to shop when the store is quieter, the employee recommends shopping in the mornings on any weekday. 

The stores get busier after about noon, and weekends in general can reportedly be pretty hectic. 

“The highest traffic is in the early to late afternoon, so getting in there before noon is going to give you the best shopping experience on a weekday,” Walmart employee Abigail Milby said on Quora.

In addition to beating the crowds, a morning shopping trip might also save you a little money, especially if you’re picking up meat.

According to Bestlife, in the mornings Walmart puts out meat from the day before, but at a cheaper price.

The website also recommends heading to the bakery and looking for discounted baked goods from the previous day.

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