I’m a gypsy girl, non travellers better run if they want to date one of our boys

A female traveller has jokingly urged non-traveller girls to steer clear of dating one of their boys.

Analise Amer, who is from the UK and has three babies with her husband of five years, posted a short video on TikTok and penned: “For non traveller girls who are with traveller boys…”

Analise Amer posted a short video addressed to non traveller girls who are with traveller boysCredit: TikTok/@lewisamer24/

She jokingly warned them to "run run"

She jokingly warned them to “run run”Credit: TikTok/@lewisamer24/

She can then be seen miming along to the song Run Run by Ray Blk, with lyrics which say: “Run, run for your freedom /

Better run, run you don’t wanna see the kingdom /

Run, run.”

The post has since garnered over 365,000 views and been inundated with comments.

“Facts,” wrote one, to which Analise replied: “They are definitely too much half the time.”

A second joked: “Don’t walk RUN.”

In response, Analise quipped: “They are like stray dogs after food.”

A third noted: “I should have heard this years ago I fell into the trap,” while a fourth wrote: “Wish I saw this before I went there.”

Analise replied: “They are definitely TOXIC.”

Elsewhere, a further wrote: “Wish I’d seen this sooner – had a little boy with him he won’t from bad to worse god bless me. I ran away and he ran back to his ex.”

Analise responded: “Half of them do go worse when you have children with them I don’t know why but my god they annoy me – you get a handful that’s actually nice.”

However, traveller men also took to the comments section – and had quite a lot to say on the matter.

“Nout wrong with us,” insisted one.

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Analise replied: “I’m a traveller myself I’m having a laugh.”

She continued: “For the traveller men getting upset in the comments, I’m a traveller myself. But yous don’t know how to take a jokes – scroll past my TikTok thanks.”


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