I work for Aldi and here’s what you need to know about Specialbuys

SAVVY shoppers will be familiar with Aldi’s Specialbuys but might not know all the insider secrets to bag the best deal.

An Aldi managing director has shared her top tips on the supermarket’s bargain middle aisle, including the best time to shop a secret sale.

Aldi head of buying Julie Ashfield shared her top Specialbuy secrets

The discount grocer is known for its middle aisle, where shoppers can pic up everything from garden furniture and gym equipment to kitchen appliances and clothes.

A recent Specialbuy consumer favourite was a rattan corner sofa, which sold out in days last time it hit the shelves.

Last week, the grocer was selling a £30 air fryer and a Big Green Egg barbeque dupe that’s almost £900 cheaper than the real thing.

You should compare prices before you purchase a Specialbuy to make sure you’re getting the best available deal.

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You might find a similar item for less on sale somewhere else.

Shoppers can find Specialbuys in store and online but some items are only available from the supermarket’s website.

Aldi’s manging director of buying Julie Ashfield shared everything you need to know about Specialbuys.

How to get a Specialbuy before anyone else

To get the best bargains, you need to know when the Specialbuy items will be on sale.

You can find new stock in Aldi’s middle aisle on Thursdays and Sundays, so you’ll get your pick of the products if you head to the store then.

But Julie’s top tip is to look online first.

You can pre-order online to make sure you get your Specialbuy before it sells out.

Some items are only available online so it makes sense to browse there first, as you might miss out if you just look in the shops.

Julie said: “Traditionally Specialbuys are found in the middle aisle of Aldi on Thursday and Sunday.

“But my top tip is to pre-order products online – that way shoppers can get their hands on the very latest Specialbuys before their on sale date.”

If you miss out on an item you can also sign up for email updates to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Secret sale

Aldi shoppers might not know they can get a range of Specialbuys at an even lower price.

The supermarket has a sale section on its website, where you can find Specialbuys that are no longer available in stores for a lower price.

Wacky items

The store is known for selling items you wouldn’t usually expect to find when you’re doing your weekly shop.

But some items are quirkier than others, so it’s worth having a browse as you never know what you might find.

Julie shared her top five wacky Specialbuys, including a hanging egg chair for cats and horse riding lessons.

Other supermarket surprises included a hover board, a 3D printer and LED face and eye masks for beauty lovers.

Some Specialbuys fly off the shelves – both physical and digital – as soon as they go on sale.

Julie said the most requested Specialbuy ever was the outdoor log burner from 2019 – and it’s back again this year.

Another popular product is the Kevin the Carrot toy range, which goes on sale at Christmas.

“Last year, on the day of launch, we saw over 75,000 people queue online to get their hands on the new toys,” Julie said.

Prices can be high

Aldi is associated with low prices, and Specialbuys are often cheaper than similar products elsewhere.

But some extra-special items have had sky high price tags.

The most expensive item ever was the Scheppach Dumper, a mini motorised dumper truck, for £999.99.

That was also the biggest ever Specialbuy.

“We’ve had some other Specialbuys on sale that are up in a similar price range though, including gaming desktops and PCs,” Julie said.

“We also sold a thermal imager for £899.99 and e-bikes for £699.99.”

Other ways to bag a bargain at Aldi

At Aldi we’re really focused on offering amazing low prices every day, but there are a few ways shoppers can get even more for their money,” Julie said.

The supermarket has its Super 6 range, when it reduces the price of six fruit, vegetables and fresh meat each fortnight.

It also knocks 75% off the price of food that is about to go off, marking the discounted items with red stickers.

Julie said: “The times that items are reduced vary by store and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

“They tend to go quick – so my advice is to keep an eye out for red stickers next time you’re in store.”

You could also get a 30% discount if your food packaging is damaged, including items such as rice, pasta, cereal and tinned food.

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If you’re looking for more Aldi insider secrets, we’ve rounded up the four things you need to know to get a great deal at the supermarket.

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