I ‘checked into my Airbnb’ for a girls’ weekend and found something truly terrifying

THIS guest made a terrifying discovery after checking in to their girls’ weekend getaway.

The TikToker @emilyr0drigz posted a video that zooms in on a menacing dent in a bedroom along with what appears to be blood spattered beside the bed.

The video showed a huge dent in the wall of the alleged AirbnbCredit: TikTok/@emilyr0drigz

Commenters were very invested in the spatter that looked like bloog

Commenters were very invested in the spatter that looked like bloogCredit: TikTok/@emilyr0drigz

Emily Holland, the original poster, gave a tour on TikTok of their alleged eerie Airbnb in a video with over 400,000 views.

Holland wrote on the video, “Just checked into our airBnB for a silly girls weekend,” and proceeded to show off the damage with murder-mystery style music in the back.

Commenters were quick to respond to the suspicious surroundings saying things like “Uh y’all need somewhere to stay? Blink twice if you need help.”

Another user commented, “Nope I would be checking out bye.”

“Immediately no,” someone else said matter-of-factly.

Other people attempted to debunk the menacing appearance of the room and commented on the spattered red mark on the wall.

“Either there was a murder five minutes before you arrived or it’s red polish,” someone said.

Another person admitted, “Ok lowkey I knocked a candle off a table at an Airbnb once after blowing it out & wax got everywhere. Maybe it’s that?”

Another person even claimed to be an expert on the situation commenting, “That’s not blood. Wrong color, and the patterns aren’t consistent with how blood behaves. You’d smell it too. Yes, I am a CSI.”

Holland did respond to one user who commented, “Its not blood shes just posting for views.”

The original poster then said, “Regardless of what it is….it’s still weird. Just be kind.”

Overall, many commenters begged for a follow-up, both out of curiosity and concern for Holland’s well-being.

“Listen….. we NEED a part 2 and you NEED to call the police,” someone asked.

“And now I’m invested,” another user said.

The US Sun reached out to Emily Holland and Airbnb for comment.

Emily Holland did not immediately respond, and Airbnb said they would need more information regarding her alleged stay to comment on this video.

This comes as another TikToker shared how a small amount of lip filler made a terrifying difference in her appearance.

And this woman took to the app to show off her “one of a kind” pregnant belly.

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