How to see your iPhone passwords – check iCloud Keychain logins in seconds

IF YOU have an iPhone then you’ve likely wanted to access your iCloud Keychain passwords – here’s how to do it quickly.

Apple iPhones come equipped with plenty of handy features aimed at streamlining users’ experience.

You can access your iCloud keychain passwords quickly from your iPhone

You can access your iCloud keychain passwords quickly from your iPhone

One such feature is iCloud Keychain, which stores your passwords for apps and websites.

iCloud Keychain also lets you quickly log in with your credentials using FaceID or TouchID.

However, sometimes FaceID malfunctions or an app requires you to re-enter your password manually.

In those instances, there are other ways to access your saved passwords if you can’t recall them off the top of your head.

How to find saved passwords on an iPhone

The first thing you need to do is head into your iPhone’s Settings.

Next, tap on Passwords; if your iPhone runs on iOS 13, tap Passwords & Accounts.

You will then be prompted to enter your device’s password via FaceID, TouchID, or numerically.

After you do that, you should see a list of saved passwords.

Then click on a specific app or website, and your phone should show you the username and accompanying password needed for logging in to that service.

Access passwords using Siri

Users can also access their passwords using Siri.

First, you need to summon the AI assistant on your phone by saying “Hey Siri.”

Then, ask Siri to “show all my passwords”.

You can also ask Siri for specific passwords – for example, you can say “Show my Gmail password”.

Next, you need to authenticate the request by entering your iPhone’s password.

How to manage your passwords

You can also manage passwords and usernames via your iPhone.

Just open your iPhones Settings and then head to Passwords.

Click on the individual app or website service that’s associated with the password you want to manage.

You can then tap on “delete” to remove a password from the list, or you can choose “Change password on website” to update your credentials.

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