How do I change the time in my car?

THE UK is heading into British Summer Time at 1am on March 27.

It’s important to make sure that you change the clocks on all your devices and appliances, including your car.

Change the clock in your car as we go into British Summer Time.Credit: Getty

How do I change the time in my car?

For all the devices that you need to update, your car’s clock is probably the most important as you can easily forget it and get mixed up with the time.

Here’s how to change the time in your car.

  • As all cars operate differently the first thing you should do would be to check the manufacturer’s manual.
  • As a general rule the dashboard buttons will help you set the time right in your car as its clock is usually connected to the radio.
  • You will need to push the “menu” or the “clock” button to access the time setting menu.
  • By tapping the “volume” buttons you will be able to adjust the hour and minutes.
  • Once you are finished make sure to tap the “set” or “clock” button again and you’re good to go.

Can my car automatically change the time?

Some modern cars that include GPS systems will allow you to do this.

Why do clocks go forward?
British Summer Time - date clocks go forward in 2022

They will be able to synchronise the car’s clock with the global positioning satellite signal and so they will automatically change the time according to the zone you’re in.

If not, some cars come with a Summer Time option in the settings indicated above, but not all as cars are manufactured differently.

What else do I need to change the time on?

Make sure to change your time on any device that you might have.

So that would be your: phone, TV, tablets, laptops, kitchen appliances and anything which as a clock come with it.

Also, if you still have some analogue clocks around, remember that they can only be changed manually.

The clocks always go back one hour on the last Sunday in October and forward on the last Sunday of March but the date changes each year.

There’s a handy phrase to remember which helps avoid confusion – “spring forwards, fall back”.

The reason the clocks are changed is to make better use of daylight.

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When the clocks go back in October, there’s more daylight in the mornings – and less in the evenings.

When changed to British Summer Time, we move an hour of daylight from the mornings to the evenings.


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