Gordon Ramsay cuts back on cursing and swears only 11 times on new BBC1 show Future Food Stars

SWEARING 11 times on national television would be outrageous for most of us – but by Gordon Ramsay’s standards it’s amazingly restrained.

The notoriously potty-mouthed chef vowed he wouldn’t hold back on his BBC1 show Future Food Stars.

Gordon Ramsay cuts back on cursing and swears only 11 times on new BBC1 show Future Food StarsCredit: Getty

It starts on Thursday and has him searching for a new generation of culinary entrepreneurs. But in the first episode he hardly utters any profanities.

He uses the F-word seven times, says bloody three times and throws just one “s**t” in there.

Viewers complained Gordon was “sanitised” when he toned down his swearing on Beeb gameshow Bank Balance, which lasted a series.

A TV insider said: “We were promised the chef would be doing what he does best — inspiring, mentoring, challenging and cooking, with a healthy dollop of swearing.

“Gordon was very much toned down on Bank Balance and it was stilted and uncomfortable, not at all the sweary star that everyone loves. But it sounded like he’d learnt his lesson.

“So it’s been a surprise that in this first episode of Future Food Stars at least, he’s toned himself down once more.”

To launch the Apprentice-style show, known by the acronym FFS, Gordon takes his band of entrepreneurs to Cornwall.

He challenges them to take a 10-metre high jump off a cliff to prove commitment to the cause.

He then asks them to man a street-food stall on the beach. Viewers will have to wait until nearly 12 minutes in for Gordon’s first outburst, when he encourages one candidate called Amit to “do the f***ing jump”.

Later, he says: “On the back of that performance they’re all on board — bloody brilliant!”

Amid the expletives, the only proper rant comes in the final part of the programme when he berates a team for their undercooked toasted sarnies.

Gordon rants: “I could have gone to f***ing Tesco, bought my own f***ing Breville toastie maker.”

At least he saved the best for last.


LOOK out for Amanda Holden making a cameo in today’s episode of Neighbours on Channel 5.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge appears with cast member Jemma Donovan, daughter of Jason, who was himself a resident of Ramsay Street alongside Kylie Minogue in the Eighties.

Amanda knows Jason through working in showbiz but was also a fan when he was in the West End during a break from pop. She said: “I met Jemma when she was a little girl . . . so it is weird when you see your friend’s daughter in a work situation years later.

“I’ve known Jason for a long time. We met when he was a judge on Jesus Christ Superstar, which I hosted.

“He just said, ‘Make sure she turns up on time’.”

Sadly, Jemma won’t have to worry about punctuality for long as Neighbours ends this year – more reason for us to enjoy it while it lasts.

FOR those of you who have not yet worked through the new Bridgerton episodes, here is a little taster of what’s to come.

The second series dropped on Netflix on Friday.

Bridgerton's second series was released on Netflix on Friday

Bridgerton’s second series was released on Netflix on FridayCredit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

It kicked off with central character Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, searching for a bride. And as this picture from the latest season shows, it seems like he eventually finds one in the form of Edwina Sharma, played by Charithra Chandran.

But her older sister Kate, portrayed in the period drama by Simone Ashley, is looming ominously just behind her. As the look on Anthony’s face suggests, the situation might not be entirely to his liking – or turns out to be the day everyone expects it to be.

I thought that weddings only ended up like this on EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Joel and Hannah’s odd cast

JUST when you thought it was safe to switch on and not see Joel Dommett front some show . . .  he starts a podcast.

The Masked Singer presenter has joined forces with his wife Hannah to give us Never Have I Ever.

The couple discuss new experiences they have had, from posing in a life-drawing class to sleeping in a haunted house. The podcast will launch on April 4.

Joel said: “After lockdown, we wanted to spend a few years doing as many new, weird things as we could. We do one thing a week, and make a podcast of it so we don’t quit early on.”

It could be a struggle given Joel is sure to be on about a thousand shows over the year.

ONE upon a time, bare bottoms were only allowed on naughty channels.

But bold, body-confident folk changed all that by embracing nudity on shows such as Big Brother – and viewers can’t get enough.

So it’s no surprise E4’s survival show Naked, Alone And Racing To Get Home has been given a full series after fans raved about the pilot.

E4’s Tim Hancock said: “Last year, we challenged stark-naked strangers to race across the Yorkshire countryside to win back their clothes. While it bemused the local farmers, E4 viewers loved it and I’m looking forward to seeing how the team can build on the format.”

The show, which airs later this year, sees hopefuls compete with no clothes, phones or money. They will be outdoors for three days while racing towards a cash prize.

And hopefully, a warm coat.

Al ‘no’ to strip on screen

ALAN Carr has always seemed like a man who is game for anything – but it turns out even he draws the line somewhere.

The comedian and quizmaster revealed he was once asked to appear on a celebrity version of Channel 4’s nude dating series Naked Attraction.

The show was being mulled over by producers.
But sadly – and not surprisingly – not many well-known faces were lining up to strip off on national TV.

Suffice to say, our Alan wasn’t keen. On the Life’s A Beach podcast he said: “They asked me. I said no chance.”

I’m not sure if we dodged a bullet or missed out on TV gold there.

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