Ways to energetically clean your home for the spring equinox

someone cleaning the floor

Have you thought about your energy? (Picture: Getty)

You clean your house on a practical level, but you do think about it energetically?

Spring is around the corner, with the equinox falling on March 20, and it’s often a time we take stock of our homes and cleanliness.

Aysha Bell, an energy healer, says there are simple ways to clear the energy around the house to help welcome in the new.

She’s a big advocate of the usual spring cleaning activities – such as decluttering your wardrobe and donating clothes – as these acts create space, preparing us for a ‘time of growth’ and to receive things that align with us now.

She says: ‘Use this time to plant the seeds of your wants and desires for the coming months – just as we harvest nature we can do the same with ourselves.’

These are the quick energy fixes you can try at home.

Clean your entrances

Start with the doorways you walk through the most.

Aysha says: ‘Most of the negative energy comes in with us as we walk through the door, and this is often where it gets stuck.

‘So clean out the unwanted energy by sweeping and cleaning your entryways.

‘Pay special attention to doors and clean the doorknobs.’


Burning dried sage is a go-to option when cleansing an aura.

‘This is one of the oldest practices,’ Aysha explains, ‘slowly burning herbs and flowers is called smudging,

‘Herbs like white sage have been used to bring balance and peace to spaces.

‘When sage is burned the smoke is said to burn toxic energy and bring balance.

‘To smudging, light your sage bundle and fan the smoke into the corners of the room with your hand or use a feather as you move around the space.

sage burning

Burn sage to refresh a room’s energy (Picture: Getty)

‘Put the still-burning bundle in an abalone shell or a glass bowl or clay dish. Never blow on your sage bundle to fan the smoke.’

You could also try burning palo santo, which is a fragrant wood used as incense to combat negative energy and cleanse spaces.

Clean with salt

Salt water is often said to be cleansing and good for your energy in spiritual circles.

Aysha says: ‘Salt is a natural cleanser and a popular way to remove negative energy from your space.

‘Pour any kind of natural salt in the corners of the rooms you want to cleanse. Give it 48 hours to trap and absorb bad energy then sweep it up.

‘You can also use a Himalayan salt candle or create your own salt candles for the same effect, or put salt around your candles bases.’

Open the windows

Let fresh air in.

‘One of the easiest ways to get rid of trapped negative energy in your home is to simply open the windows,’ Aysha says.

‘Start cleansing your home by letting the fresh air in and the bad energy out.

‘This is something you should do on a daily basis.’

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