Tenant hailed a hero for leaving notes ALL around £335-a-week flat warning new renters of horrors ‘hidden by landlord’

A GUTSY tenant warned potential new renters of a flat’s hidden horrors by sneakily leaving notes throughout.

The former occupant has been hailed a “legend” for pointing out flaws in a move that went unnoticed by the landlord demanding £335-a-week for the apartment in Melbourne, Australia.

The ex-tenant left notes throughout the flat to warn potential rentersCredit: Reddit

They have been hailed a 'true hero' for leaving the notes

They have been hailed a ‘true hero’ for leaving the notesCredit: Reddit

A collection of snaps of the devious notes were shared on Reddit after a person who viewed the flat spotted them taped to parts of the interior.

One was stuck to the exhaust fan above the cooker top in the kitchen, reading: “Rangehood doesn’t work, but window over sink fills house with bugs”.

And another said: “Water pressure has been fixed twice but still low”.

A third note warned that the laundry window was the only way to ventilate the room – but was without a fly screen.

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The disgruntled tenant also pointed out cracks in the roof and walls had been “patched up” over time, reports news.com.au.

Taking to social media to share the hilarious notes, the person who found them said it was “the most fun” they’d had at an inspection.

“The old tenant is a legend,” they said.

Others rushed to applaud the previous tenant, hailing them a “true hero”.

“That tenant deserves a medal,” one person wrote.

Another said: “This is great. Wish we could see this more often. I know agents would remove notes left in the house. But get sneaky with it. Hide them in drawers and in dishwashers.

“House hunting is exhausting without having to worry about slimy real estate agents.”

It comes after a fed-up tenant shared a photo of a bonkers list of very strict rules by their landlord – including dictating what the house temperature should be. 

One annoyed bloke shared the list to Reddit, explaining the homeowner had printed off eight rules – and even made some words bold for emphasis. 

He uploaded the ‘simple’ list online, and pointed out everyone in the house wasn’t a teenager any more.

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The tenant said: “We found our new landlords ‘Simple House Rules’ before he’s given them out. We’re all in our mid-20s or older.”

The barmy list includes only wearing ‘indoor shoes’ upstairs, not putting any hot pots or pans down on the kitchen countertops, and not touching the thermostat – unless it dips below 18c. 


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