Ordinary family home on the market for £600k

THIS ordinary family home on the market comes with a secret that’s fitting for the tense times we live in.

Along with the stunning lake view, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and large garden, the £600,000 price tag also gets you a bunker.

The house looks like any other property from the outsideCredit: Nine News

The owners built a bunker in the 1980s

The owners built a bunker in the 1980sCredit: Instagram

The house is in the Mallacoota area of the state of Victoria, in Australia, and the bunker has already come in handy, when bushfires swept through the area.

Estate agent Kerri Warren of Mallacoota Real Estate explained that the owners added the bunker after totally re-building the property when they bought it in the late 80s.

The bunker comes with reception, a few old-out chairs, a radio, a peep hole and an air vent.

“The home is the same footprint but has been completely re-built,” she told Nine News.

“The owners then added all of the precautions for bushfires, which includes the bunker.”

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Bunkers themselves have proven to be sought after properties with price tags to match.

One Las Vegas home on sale for a hefty £4.5 million was once a bomb shelter that has been turned into luxury home 26-feet below the ground.

The property contains a pool, jacuzzi, casita, 500-feet of landscape murals, putting green and time-of-day lighting settings to copy the world outside.

What looks like a shed has gone on the market for a whopping £1.2million in Montana.

The property is actually an underground doomsday bunker – with a games room, kitchen and stunning views.

Another underground bunker has gone on market for £467,000 – and it looks fit for a Bond Villain.

The house in Massachusetts, USA, comes with a grass roof, eight-foot skylights and a natural cooling system.

The “earth-sheltered” property boasts a number of desirable qualities such as being energy efficient which means it should be fairly cheap to heat.

Inside, the property retains a bunker feel with exposed walls and ceilings, but prospective buyers will have all the comforts desired, with the property kitted out with modern appliances and gadgets.

There are also stunning views from the house

There are also stunning views from the houseCredit: Nine News


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