I’m an estate agent and here’s five tips to selling your home in just WEEKS

SIMPLE tweaks around the home can make sure it sells quickly – and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

If you’re hoping for a quick sale, you need to make sure your property stands out, as competition is fierce.

We speak to a property expert to find out how sellers can sell their home in just weeks

House prices are going through the roof – this month the average cost of a home in Britain rocketed by £8,000.

The average house price now stands at £274,712, according to the Land Registry, and sellers are asking 9.5% more for their home compared to this time last year.

If you’re hoping to sell up while prices are high, you need to make sure your home is looking its best.

But even with budding buyers desperate for a deal, you could still struggle to sell your home if you’re making some common mistakes, according to Foxtons operations director Ollie Browne.

Mr Browne, has years of experience selling homes since joining the estate agency back in 2006.

He’s flogged thousands of homes and says that by following some simple selling rules, you can sell your home in weeks.

Here’s his five top tips for getting a deal over the line.

Tidy up inside and out

It may seem obvious that you need to keep your home looking clean and tidy when you’re showing people round. 

But you might not realise that a scruffy outside area could be damaging your chances of selling up.

“Make sure there are no bin liners full of rubbish outside or leaflets on the floor outside,” he said.

“I’ve had to pick up crisp packets and cans up off the street before showing a potential buyer around many times.”

You need to get yourself into a selling mode mindset, Mr Browne said.

“Imagine that the Queen is coming round on a daily basis.

“Tidy up, make the bed in the morning, wash the dishes, and put out fresh fruit and flowers.”

Put the dog out

Dogs aren’t always man’s best friend – sometimes they can ruin your chances of selling a house.

If you have a pet, make sure you hoover up any hairs, put the bowls away, and most importantly, put your furry friend outside.

Mr Browne said: “I remember one house where I turned up and the beds weren’t made and the dog was running around – it was always messy.

“I told the family that they had to put the dog out to make the house look more presentable.

“Once they took on the advice, the house sold immediately.”

Clear the trinkets

Nothing makes a house a home like family photos, heirlooms, trinkets and antiques.

But your collection of knick-knacks could put people off making an offer on your home.

That’s because people won’t be able to visualise their own belongings in the property if they’re distracted by yours.

“We had two grandchildren who were trying to sell their grandmother’s house after she sadly passed away a few years ago,” Mr Browne said.

“It was full of photos of the family and her prized possessions – like her collection of fridge magnets.

“But we advised them to declutter the flat completely – and once they did, they got a full asking price offer almost straight away.”

Do some maintenance

It can feel like the hardest part is over once an offer for your home is in the bag.

But your sale could run into serious delays or even fall through completely if you haven’t done some basic property maintenance.

“Get a builder to come round to give property once over to see if there are any defects or defaults that can be fixed,” said Mr Browne.

You have a better chance of having a smooth sale if you catch any issues before the bank sends over a surveyor to value and inspect the house.

He added: “We advised one seller we were helping to shift their home to get a builder round and get rid of the damp in the house.

“We knew the mortgage company wouldn’t want to lend money on a property with this issue.

“Once this was done and a fresh lick of paint applied, the house sold almost immediately.”

Never turn down a viewing

If it’s been a tough day at work, the last thing you’ll want to do is say yes to someone wanting to do a viewing that evening.

But if you’re serious about selling your house, you should never turn someone down when they’ve expressed an interest in looking around, Mr Browne said.

He added that it could be a good idea to let your agent have a set of keys, so they can show people around if you’re out.

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