We live on Jubilee Road and have been told to move our BUNTING by council jobsworths as its dangerous…its ridiculous

RESIDENTS who live on a street called Jubilee Road have been told to move their bunting by council josbworths after they said it was ‘too dangerous’.

The aptly named street in Poole, Dorset, is one place where you would expect decorations to be allowed over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

Jeff Williams, 75, strung up lines of flags across the street in celebration

Jeff Williams, 75, strung up lines of flags across the street in celebration

But he was shocked when the council asked him to take it down because it was hazardous

But he was shocked when the council asked him to take it down because it was hazardous

Jeff Williams, 75, strung up lines of flags across the street in celebration of the long weekend but was shocked to receive a visit from a local council officer.

The pensioner hung the 100ft length of bunting 14ft off the ground but was told it did not conform to regulations and it needed to be 2ft higher.

The town hall bureaucrats said that the bunting must be taken down as it is hazardous to larger vehicles.

A disheartened Jeff described the situation as “laughable” and said that if it remains as it is, he fears he could be fined up to £200 for breaching the Highway Act of 1980.

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The pensioner said: “I put the bunting up last week and everyone was pleased and I had lots of compliments.

“I checked with all the neighbours for the bunting to go window to window. We had them as high as we could, and they’ve been up without a problem at all.

“The council officer turned up yesterday (Tues) and he was just doing his job. He said to me there had been one complaint so he had to act.

“The clear understanding was that if we did not make it higher, we would have to take it down. We were left with one choice.

“The Highways Act says I could be fined if I keep it as it is.

“After our conversation, I was on my way to taking it down but I stopped myself. Now we’re trying to raise it using poles attached to the roofs. I’m 75 and I can’t climb up and down ladders.

“Everybody on the street is happy with the bunting but one person has decided to complain. I think it’s malicious.”

Jeff added that the residents were having a street party on Sunday and had done everything “by the book”.

He went on: “My next email will be to the Queen to get her on the case.

“The irony is we are in Jubilee Road. It is only right that we celebrate.”

“We can’t get the bunting any higher. The breaking strain is about half an ounce if something hit it, a two-year-old could break it. I can’t see any danger it could pose.

“There’s no good reason why it should be taken down. The largest vehicles which come down our road are the bin lorries and they clear it quite comfortably”.

The irony is we are in Jubilee Road. It is only right that we celebrate.

Jeff Williams

Jeff’s neighbour Jane Moorse said: “They are as high as we can get them. If they sag a bit, we can tighten them, I just think it’s ridiculous.”

Councillor Beverley Dunlop, portfolio holder for culture and vibrant places at the local BCP Council, said: “We’re proud to say we have more than 300 Jubilee street parties taking place this weekend in celebration of the Queen’s 70-year reign.

“Although we’ve issued broad guidance around residents putting up their own bunting, this is for legitimate safety reasons. We welcome street parties and are not preventing any events taking place.

“Residents in Jubilee Road were not advised to take down their bunting. We advised that it was too low, which could be hazardous to large vehicles.”

It comes after a West Berkshire council banned flying Union flags for the Jubilee – as it says metal lampposts could snap when bunting is attached.

The area’s 150,000 residents are now in fear of being sued with one resident calling it “health and safety gone mad”.

Manufacturers revealed a “massive” spike in demand with hundreds of miles of bunting being bought before the iconic weekend.

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One company said sales had risen “thirtyfold” in the last month, while others warned they were running out of stock.

The Hampshire Flag Company said it had just “a few” decorations left with extra bunting that it manufactured to cope with Jubilee demand sold out by February.


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