Warning as huge RATS ‘swim up toilet pipes and sneak into people’s homes’ after treading water for DAYS

HUGE rats are swimming up toilet pipes and sneaking into people’s homes after treading water for days, Brits have been warned.

Pest control experts have told homeowners to “rat proof” their property in a bid to banish the sneaky rodents.

The enormous rats are scurrying up unsuspecting Brits' toilets and into their homes

The enormous rats are scurrying up unsuspecting Brits’ toilets and into their homesCredit: Getty

The supersized vermin are said to be able to tread water for days and can hold their breath for up to three minutes.

Taking advantage of their underwater abilities, rats are now biding their time before scurrying up the plumbing system.

And it is hard to compete with their agility – so its a good idea to seal any potential points of entry.

Pest control specialist Ian Helands warned residents that “no one is safe” from the long-tailed pests taking advantage of waste pipes.

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He claims to have been bombarded with phone calls by terrified people finding a “giant” rat in their toilet.

The Pests Be Gone boss told LeicestershireLive: “I have had more call-outs than ever from homeowners who have heard a noise, looked down into their toilet only to find a giant rat.

“No-one is safe. Rats are excellent swimmers with bendy bones and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

“They can hold their breath for three minutes and tread water for three days, and they are coming up waste pipes.

“They’re cunning and getting bolder and bolder. Basically, if they want to get into your home, they will.”

The country has been flooded with vermin in recent years, with an estimated 150 million – the most ever – said to be roaming the streets.

Ian, based in Sussex, explained: “This has increased by 25 per cent each year over the pandemic.”

Covid has exacerbated the pest crisis, with the rats venturing into the suburbs in search of food.

And if the thought of rats sneaking inside your home wasn’t enough, it seems their new food source has prompted a growth spurt.

No-one is safe. Rats are excellent swimmers with bendy bones and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

Ian Helands

The pest pro added: “People are scared and they should be.

“There are more rats than ever and they are taking over. I have seen some the size of cats.”

He advised Brits to barricade their property to keep the enormous rats out.

Ian said: “There are ways of pest proofing your home.

“You can get rat gates for water pipes – these used to be used in very rural areas, such as near canals, but now we are recommending them even in built-up housing areas.”

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We previously told how a horrified mum discovered a rat was living under the back seat of her car and almost chewed through the seatbelts.

She became concerned after noticing a foul smell in her vehicle and when her two kids became ill – before realising she’d been breathing in the smell of its urine and faeces.


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