Ukraine: Russian soldiers ‘have raped many more Ukrainian women’

Ukrainian MP Maria Mezentseva (right) aid there are ‘many more victims’ of sexual abuse at the hands of Russian troops (Pictures: Sky News/AP/REX)

An MP in Ukraine has claimed women in besieged parts of her country have been ‘raped for hours and then murdered’ by Russian forces.

Maria Mezentseva, who represents the city of Kharkiv, insisted that the nation ‘will not be silent’ about the ‘horror’ being committed against women.

Her comments come after it was alleged that a Russian soldier ‘raped a woman several times in front of her underage child’ after her husband was shot dead in their home in a village in the Brovary Raion, outside of Kyiv.

Ms Mezentseva, who is Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, said details of such incidents must be recorded as they happen because ‘justice has to prevail’.

She told Sky News: ‘There is one case which was very widely discussed recently because it’s been recorded and proceeded with [by] the prosecutor’s office.

‘We’re not going into details, but it’s quite a scary scene when a civilian was shot dead in his house in a small town next to Kyiv.

‘His wife was – I’m sorry but I have to say it – raped several times in front of her underage child.

A woman cries before starting to clean the site where a bombing damaged residential buildings in Kyiv (Picture: AP)

Reports about Russian soldiers sexually assaulting women in occupied areas of Ukraine have been circulating online for weeks (Picture: AP)

A Ukrainian woman cries outside a destroyed residential building by artillery in a residential area in Kyiv (Picture: NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock)

The attorney general has outlined allegations of rape by a Russian soldier (Picture: NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock)

‘There are many more victims rather than just this one case which has been made public by the prosecutor general.

‘And of course, we are expecting many more of them, which will be public once victims will be ready to talk about that.’

Rumours about Russian troops sexually assaulting women have been circulating online for weeks.

Just days ago, a video emerged on Telegram and later Twitter, which showed a captured invador pulling out a handful of condoms from his pockets.

Earlier this week, attorney general Iryna Venediktova confirmed this was the first official case of rape by a Russian soldier, calling it a ‘violation of the law and the customs of war’.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened the first official investigation of the rape of a #Ukrainian woman in Brovary district committed by the #russian soldier.

We heard rumors earlier, but this is the first time confirmed by the official complaint made by the surviving woman.

— Inna Sovsun (@InnaSovsun) March 22, 2022

‘Prosecutors of Kyiv region have established a Russian soldier who killed an unarmed man and repeatedly raped his wife,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘In one of the villages of Brovarsky district, this man broke into a private house and shot the owner.

‘After that, a drunk occupant and his co-worker repeatedly raped the wife of a murdered civilian, threatening her with violence and weapons.

‘(They) even threatened her child who was with the victim.’

The search for the soldier is underway and the court has received a warrant for his arrest, Ms Venediktova said.

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