UK weather – Forecasters warn of heavy showers and thunder and even threat of SNOW as millions head back to work today

FORECASTERS have warned of heavy showers and even snow in parts of the UK after the Easter weekend heatwave.

UK temperatures are predicted to drop to about 17C on Tuesday before a “cooler, cloudier and breezier picture” takes hold at the end of the week.

UK temperatures had slowly dropped over the sunny weekend and now storms and even snow are forecastCredit: SnapperSK

As people return to work, the Met Office predictions for Tuesday said: “Sunny spells for most but also showers, heavy in places, possibly thundery, and possibly more persistent for a few places.

“Many eastern areas cooler than recently but light winds everywhere.”

On a positive note, despite the drop-off in temperature the Met Office said it would remain warmer than average for the time of year.

Tuesday could bring frost in Northern Ireland and in the south and east of Scotland, followed by sunshine and showers across most of the UK, with temperatures dropping to 17C (62.6F) or 18C (64.4F).

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Rain, 7C chill and travel chaos dampen spirits on last day of Easter weekend

Wednesday is set to follow a similar pattern, with the dip blamed on a cooler front arriving from the west and an easterly breeze later in the week.

Snow is also possible in Scotland’s Highlands today – and weathermen warned of frost in northern England and Scotland from Wednesday, with nights in low single figures even elsewhere.

Cool easterly winds will limit highs to 11-16C for most of today and Wednesday.

Marco Petagna, a Met Office forecaster said the end of the week would bring a “cooler, cloudier and breezier picture”.

“There will be a trend towards the end of the week for things to turn a bit colder.

“We get more of an easterly wind developing and more in the way of cloud from the east.”

It comes as holidaymakers quit resorts early and triggered a 20-mile traffic jam as temperatures halved on a chilly Bank Holiday – with frost and snow ahead.

Beaches emptied, with 11am seeing a long snarl-up of stop-start vehicles on the M5 eastbound near Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Traffic on the M25

Traffic on the M25Credit: Louis Wood

Beaches began emptying today as temperatures halved

Beaches began emptying today as temperatures halvedCredit: ©Graham Hunt

Temperatures will drop with rain on the way tomorrow

Temperatures will drop with rain on the way tomorrow

Temperatures of just 11-12C at 1pm for most beach resorts in the South, Wales and North followed 23.4C Good Friday highs.

London limped to 17C on Easter Monday.

Transport chiefs blamed the Easter travel surge on the public’s desire to make up for missing out on family visits and trips out during the pandemic.

And the AA said drivers’ desire to travel had not been dented by soaring petrol costs, nor concerns over petrol station supplies running short after protestors Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion prevented tankers leaving some oil depots last week.

Mr Rich said: “People’s desire to travel is making this Easter a bit like Christmas, with people seeing friends and family after not seeing them very much during Covid.

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“Our survey shows people want to make the most of the holiday weekend. It shows the demand to do what we have missed during the past two years.

“The weather is a factor, and encourages more travel, and people’s determination to go on trips outweighs concern over fuel costs.”


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