Parts of UK hit by earthquake leaving ‘houses shaking’

The British Geological Survey said the quake happened at a depth of around 8km at 3.36pm.

The British Geological Survey said the quake happened at a depth of around 8km at 3.36pm (Picture: Google)

People living in parts of the UK felt the ground shake this afternoon as a magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck.

The British Geological Survey said the quake happened in Shropshire just to the east of the town of Wem at a depth of seven kilometres at 2.36pm.

It was ‘felt by many residents in the region (mainly from within around 60km of the epicentre)’, said the BGS.

They added that people were reporting effects like ‘my chair wobbled’, ‘house felt like it moved from left to right’, ‘noticeable shaking coming through the floor’, ‘noticed an odd trembling through my office chair, faint but persisted for about three seconds’ and ‘all the windows rattled’.

Its epicentre was between the villages of Stanton upon Hine Heath, Weston-under-Redcastle and Hodnet.

It was the third earthquake with a magnitude of more than two to hit the UK in the last 24 hours.

A 2.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded in Arran, North Ayrshire, Scotland just before 8am on Monday.

House shook for a good few seconds in Shrewsbury earlier this afternoon #earthquake

— Kathryn Kelly 🌻 (@21_kathryn) May 30, 2022

A quake with a magnitude of 2.3 struck in Sale, Greater Manchester, at 8.40pm on Sunday, according to the BGS.

Several people posted on Twitter saying that they had felt things shaking and wondered if it could be an earthquake.

Someone living in Coton Hill wrote: ‘I’m in bed after working a night shift – the bed was shaking and it woke me up. It certainly spooked our dog!’

Another said: ‘That was a real WTF moment, Sat on my bed and it starts shaking then realised the whole house was shaking.

‘It was over fast and I was like, did we just have an earthquake? Jumped on Facebook and apparently yes.’

Another said: ‘Was driving back from Shrewsbury, didn’t feel anything but my car told me to turn the steering wheel to the left, slight shaking but I just thought it was the warning and my driving!’

The quake was also felt in Derbyshire, with residents of Long Eaton, which borders Nottinghamshire, said rooms and desks had been ‘shaking’.

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