I’m furious after my child was made to eat Queen’s Jubilee picnic on SEPARATE field to the other kids

FURIOUS parents have slammed a primary school for “forcing” children to eat their Queen’s Jubilee picnic as “outcasts” on a separate field to other pupils.

The pupils at West Hill Primary School in Cannock, Staffordshire, were strictly divided up at Jubilee celebrations on Friday, their disappointed families have claimed.

West Hill Primary School has been accused of being a party pooper for the Jubilee

West Hill Primary School has been accused of being a party pooper for the JubileeCredit: Google Maps

Kids allegedly came home “upset” after the school made them watch the festivities from a distance if their parents couldn’t attend.

Spirits were so low that one child whose whose relatives were busy at work felt “treated like an outcast”, according to their devasted parent.

But the school has said all children had a Jubilee lunch – it’s just that the ones without mums or dads there to be supervised by staff in another field.

West Hill Primary said on Facebook: “Thank you all for coming and joining in with our Jubilee picnic. We hope you all had a wonderful time and have a lovely half term!”

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Only to be bombarded by criticism from fuming parents of the school.

One said: “Three very upset children, not even allowed to have a go on the tombola or join in parade after they had to eat their lunch separately, well done West Hill.”

Someone else added: “And thanks for excluding the children whose parents couldn’t make it!

“I was under the impression it was something for all children to enjoy and not be treated like outcasts because their parents had to work.”

One parent commented: “My children said they were allowed to play on the separate playground then back to class and wait for the others to return.”

Another added: “I arranged for my children to sit with my friend, as I got called into work, I told two teachers and at reception, and today they was refused two upset children.”

One person said: “Disgraceful.. my six-year-old was so upset as I couldn’t make it due to work commitments and was excluded to eat lunch separate and wasn’t allowed to join in.. being a one parent family I don’t think this is acceptable!!!!!!!”

One guardian said: “She’s told us at dinner time and bedtime she wasn’t allowed to join in the Jubilee so I’ve reassured her it wasn’t the real Jubilee and she will be joining in with the real one next weekend.”

Kelly Bracebridge, headteacher at West Hill Primary School, said: “We held a jubilee lunch where parents were invited to have lunch with children on our field—these children were supervised by their parents.

“Children whose parents could not attend the lunch had their jubilee lunch on a different field, where they could be supervised by lunch staff.
“Ultimately, we had to make sure the children without parental supervision were safe and supervised at all times.

“No one was excluded, everyone had a jubilee lunch, and everyone that we spoke to had a really lovely day.”


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