Brits complain about feeling tired three times a day and make common mistakes, study finds

BRITS complain about feeling tired an average of three times a day, a study has found.

That means they moan a whopping 1,095 times a year about needing more time in bed.

A sleepy nine in 10 Brits have made a mistake due to being tired including muddling up words and tripping over, the study foundCredit: Getty

The study also found a sleepy nine in 10 have made a mistake due to being tired including muddling up words and tripping over.

And tiredness seems to equal forgetfulness, with many struggling to remember why they walked into a room or even what day it is.

Other mistakes in the top 30 list were missing appointments, putting cereal in the fridge and bunging milk in the cupboard.

And while not asleep at the wheel, leaving your car keys in the car ranked high to.

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Brits also feel they need seven hours of sleep to avoid suffering from tiredness and believe they waste three hours a day due to not feeling fully awake.

After a poor night’s kip, 38 per cent have slept through their alarm, while 35 per cent have cancelled social plans because they’re so knackered.

The research found 2:32pm is the time of day the most mistakes are likely to be made while 10:18am is when people feel most alert.

And after a long week – Friday is the day Brits believe they’ll make the most-sleepy mishaps.

With the clocks going forward this weekend, a fifth of adults believe they’ll feel tired, while 15 per cent even expect to experience confusion.

The study of 2,000 British adults by OnePoll was commissioned by Lucozade Alert.

Zoe Trimble, spokesperson for Lucozade Alert, said: “When we’re tired, we’ve all forgotten why we’ve walked into rooms, where we’ve placed our keys, or thought of the perfect comeback way too late. The brain fog is real.”



1.            Forgotten why you walked into the room             

2.            Muddled up your words               

3.            Forgotten why you walked up the stairs

4.            Forgotten someone’s name       

5.            Mixed up the days of the week 

6.            Forgotten to defrost food for that night’s dinner/evening meal  

7.            Tripped over     

8.            Forgotten to take the washing out of the washing machine          

9.            Put clothes on backwards/ inside out     

10.          Forgotten food was in the oven and it burnt        

11.          Sent a text to the incorrect person          

12.          Left your lunch at home on a workday   

13.          Forgotten a route when driving or taken a wrong turn    

14.          Thought of a comeback too late

15.          Missed an appointment               

16.          Left your house keys in the front door    

17.          Forgotten your house keys         

18.          Sent an email to the incorrect person     

19.          Used the wrong measurements of ingredients when cooking      

20.          Accidentally liked a social media post     

21.          Forgotten what month it was     

22.          Forgotten what year it was

23.          Put the cereal in the fridge and milk in the cupboard       

24.          Bumped your car when driving  

25.          Forgotten why your phoned someone when they answered        

26.          Forgotten our car keys  

27.          Forgotten your own personal details e.g. date of birth    

28.          Missed a deadline at work/college/school

29.          Left your car keys in the car

30.          Messed up on a work call / pitch   


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