Boy, 13, who broke his arm during a bike accident died after surgery under general anaesthetic

 A TEENAGE boy who broke his arm in a cycling accident died after having surgery under general anaesthetic.

Jake Wilde, 13, complained that his ‘back, bum and legs hurt’ after he came round from the anaesthetic following the operation to pin his left forearm.

Jake Wilde died after having surgery under general anaesthetic

Jake Wilde died after having surgery under general anaestheticCredit: Getty

His mother Caz told the inquest that her oldest child was “thrashing about” and nurses tried to restrain him.

Jake was saying “it hurts” and nurses gave him pain relief but it did not make any difference.

The coroner was told Jake had an undiagnosed condition called Becker muscular dystrophy which causes muscles to become weaker and weaker.

Caz was left distraught as Jake’s dad, Kyle, was told to come to the North Devon district hospital in Barnstaple.

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She said a “sea of people” in the recovery room were giving Jake chest compressions but he fell unconscious and died after suffering a heart attack.

His parents were told his heart had enlarged “two or three times its normal size” and his heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate rose.

She said her son was the “kindest sweetest boy” who loved animals – especially dinosaurs – and wanted to be a paleontologist.

The Exeter inquest heard Jake had fallen off his mountain bike one day in August 2019 as he looked back to check on his sister on her bike as they cycled near their home in King’s Nympton, North Devon.

Dog walker Jeffery Robbins said Jake looked behind and went over the handlebars when his bike hit a grass verge and he broke his left forearm.

The inquest heard the surgery he had the following day went smoothly and one consultant said the fatal incident like this was “so incredibly rare”.

Consultant paediatrician pathologist Dr Samantha Holden from Southampton hospital said Jake had a type of muscle disease which interacted with the anaesthetic which led to his sudden death.

She said:”No one knows exactly why it happens.”

The inquest heard “well grown” Jake suffered with muscle pain in his “firm and bulky” calf muscles during exercise.

But he had no known allergies and was not on any medication. And the inquest heard Jake had never had anaesthetic before or had surgery previously.

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The senior Devon coroner Philip Spinney recorded a conclusion of accidental death.

He said Jake had undiagnosed Becker muscular dystrophy and he suffered a cardiac arrest related to the anesthetic and his undiagnosed condition.


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