3 important things you need to do NOW to protect you and your home this summer

THE warmer weather often leads to many of us stepping outside our homes and out with pals.

But experts have warned that the rise in heat could bring a spike in crime.

Everyone should be aware of the risks they shouldn’t take during the warmer weatherCredit: Getty

Experts have warned that the hot weather could cause hot headedness

Experts have warned that the hot weather could cause hot headednessCredit: Getty

Brits have been urged to remember to lock their doors

Brits have been urged to remember to lock their doorsCredit: Getty

While Brits should enjoy their time in the sun, everyone should be aware of the risks that they shouldn’t take.

Leading criminologist Professor David said people should remember to lock their doors when they leave the house – and don’t drink too much alcohol.

Sunseekers should also make sure they don’t let themselves get isolated from crowds and keep an eye on their phone, wallet, and keys.

The Professor Emeritus of Criminology at Birmingham City University said: “The key thing is that the amount of crime in the communities tends to fluctuate, and are affected by a number of different factors including the weather.

“If it’s cold or wet then people tend to stay indoors, but if its hot and sunny then people will want to go out more and socialise more.”

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He added: “When you leave the house then you will encounter people that you wouldn’t normally encounter, and the risk of meeting someone who is prepared to harm you or steal from you is higher.”

Prof Wilson said Brits should ensure their houses are “locked up properly” to make sure burglars don’t try to break in while they’re out soaking up the rays.

He said: “If you are going to go out then you have to be really careful about the kinds of security measures you take in relation to your home.

“You want to make sure that your house is locked up property and so forth.   

“Even if you are in the garden enjoying the sunshine be careful that the door is locked or someone could just walk in.

“There are a number of common sense things that you can do to make yourself and your home less likely to be a target.

“If you are not in your home because you are outside, it does give burglars more opportunities also.”  

He also warned that the number of fights is likely to increase in the hot weather because people find themselves to be more “hot headed.”

Last year more than 200 sunbathers erupted into a beach brawl in front of horrified families during a heatwave.

Police rushed to the sea front beauty spot at Orcombe Point, Devon after a police officer spotted the large group fighting.

The leading criminologist added: “During the hot weather there is more likely to be more interpersonal violence, so fights will happen more than you would normally expect.

“There are of course a lot more people outside, you’ll come into contact with people outside of your friendship groups, and a lot of strangers.

“Some of those strangers will want to do you harm.

“So what you can do is don’t get drunk, drink to moderation and be aware of your surroundings.

“You shouldn’t be isolated by yourself, or be so drunk you aren’t aware of your surroundings.

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“Make sure that you are aware of your valuables and try not to drink to excess and get isolated.

“You don’t know who will be watching you and what you are doing, so try not to be drunk and alone and holding your phone. Its common sense things.”


  • Make sure doors are locked
  • Try not to become isolated
  • Drink in moderation and stay hydrated


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