Woman fuming over ‘sexist’ Mother’s Day song taught in niece’s primary school

WHEN the kids are too little to organise themselves, you can always count on their school to come to the rescue by giving them some sweet arts and crafts for Mother’s Day.

That said, we bet this primary school wished they’d stuck to Plan A this year rather than teaching their students a VERY outdated song.

The resurfaced song sparked outrage on TwitterCredit: twitter @sophie_e_hill

Users were fuming over the Father's Day song too

Users were fuming over the Father’s Day song tooCredit: twitter @sophie_e_hill

Earlier this month, Sophie Hill – a PhD student at Harvard university – was left fuming when she came across the “sexist” lyrics her five-year-old niece had been told to sing.

The Mother’s Day song – which was written by Out of the Ark Music – praised mums for “doing the cleaning and shopping” and making “wonderful tea”.

One section reads: “My mum’s ever so clever, she may not have a degree, but she can help with my homework, and that’s what matters to me.

“Sometimes she can be stressy, sometimes she even shouts! But I still know she loves me, and that’s what certainly counts.”

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Sharing a photo of the lyrics with her 17,000 followers, Sophie wrote: “My 5-year-old niece was given this song to sing for Mothers’ Day at her CofE primary school.”

One outraged user fumed: “Hello… this is the 1950s calling wanting its sexist stereotypes back.”

Another added: “What is it with UK schools & wanting to be in the 1950s? The uniforms, the weird rules (like chanting ‘good morning mrs so-and-so’ at assembly) & now this?”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “What’s bizarrely sexist is the idea that children whose mothers don’t have degrees and whose lives are devoted to house and home shouldn’t be the subject of an admiring song to be sung by their own children.”

After the post went viral, the PhD student found the company – which was founded in 1989 – has previously written another song for Father’s Day.

It read: “My dad sits watching telly with his belly sticking out in front of him! Your dad likes getting smelly in his wellies when he’s digging in the compost bin!

“‘My dad’s clever, his dad’s genius. My dad’s old, but I love him because he is the best dad that I’ve got.”

In response to the resurfaced song, Out of the Ark Music said the lyrics do not reflect their “current values”.

The company’s statement read: “We are aware that the songs ‘My Mum’ and ‘My Dad’, published by Out of the Ark Music many years ago, have been the cause for some concern and for that we are truly sorry.

“We recognise that the lyrics in the songs are outdated and don’t reflect the invaluable and different roles mothers and fathers play within society and within families. 

“They also do not represent our current values and ethos as a company. For a number of years now we have not promoted these songs, taken them out of our new digital platform and have proactively communicated with schools to suggest free alternatives.

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“As a business we work hard to instil wholesome values in every song we write, but we recognise that times change, and as result we regularly audit our songs to ensure these values are upheld. Unfortunately, we can’t remove printed product that was sold and is still in circulation.

“We will continue to promote and encourage the use of alternatives to these specific songs.”


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