People are so cruel about my baby’s size but she doesn’t even eat that much

A MUM has hit back at trolls criticising her baby’s size, insisting she doesn’t even eat that much.

Jackie frequently shares videos of her daughter Stormi on her TikTok page, but has faced cruel comments about how big the 10-month-old is.

A mum has hit back at trolls criticising her baby’s sizeCredit: tiktok

Mum Jackie hit back at 'overfeeding' accusations as she ran through what Stormi eats on a daily basis

Mum Jackie hit back at ‘overfeeding’ accusations as she ran through what Stormi eats on a daily basisCredit: tiktok

In another clip on TikTok, Jackie hit back at the criticism as she shared a shot of Stormi in her highchair, writing: “Once again, explaining myself because you are all cruel.

“Her pediatrician is satisfied with her size. She is as healthy as can be and she honestly doesn’t eat much.

“She’s just built perfect chunky.”

Over the top of the video, Jackie explained what her daughter eats on a daily basis.

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“Stormi is nursed three times a day for a total of only about 5 ounces,” she wrote.

“Stormi has three small meals a day, and by small I mean like 1 baby yoghurt for breakfast or 2 strawberries and a hard boiled egg for lunch.

“She eats puffs or cheerios in between, in this video I think I gave her 15… and this was right before I took her out so you see what she ate.”

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: “But if your child was to small you’d be starving her – can we just normalise already that even babies carry weight and grow differently?”

“You totally don’t have to justify what your beautiful baby eats. It’s no one’s business but yours. Just enjoy the loves,” another added.

But others were still critical, with one writing: “I’ve been saying for years I don’t understand how moms that feed kids like this don’t have CPS in their lives – it’s abuse.”

Jackie shared another video of Stormi playing with bubbles as she wrote: “Honestly you all keep telling me to ignore it, but come on now.

“She’s perfection. Her rolls will go away fast now that she’s getting taller and crawling.

“God I love her so much. Honestly we may get rid of TikTok.”

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“She is perfect! My son was the same and once he was walking it came right off. She’s a healthy normal baby,” one person commented on the video.

While another added: “Don’t get rid of TikTok just turn off the comments!! I love her little chonky baby rolls and adorable cheeks.”


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