My son’s name is so unusual people always ask what inspired it

A MUM has opened up about the inspiration for her son’s unusual name, after constantly being asked how she came up with the moniker.

Katie DeRouen recently shared a video of herself and her son on her TikTok page, in which she was heard saying: “Bregman, what have you got? A ball?”

Katie DeRouen has opened up about the unusual name inspiration for her son

Katie DeRouen has opened up about the unusual name inspiration for her sonCredit: tiktok @katiederouen1

Alex Bregman is an American baseball player

Alex Bregman is an American baseball playerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

In one of the comments on the video, someone asked: “His name is so unique I’ve never heard it before I love it, how did you come up with that?”

And Katie returned to TikTok to share another clip in which she responded to the person, explaining that he was named after baseball player Alex Bregman.

“Bregman got his name from this fine, tall glass of 6’0, muscular…I mean from Alex Bregman,” she joked, before adding: “He’s named after Alex Bregman.”

Katie also revealed she’s a former student of Louisiana State University, where Bregman played for three seasons as part of the LSU Tigers baseball team.

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“I also went to LSU and am a big LSU fan so there’s that too,” she added.

In the comments section, others revealed the athletes that had inspired their children’s names, with one writing: “My sons name is Turner. After Ted Turner and Turner field.”

“we named our son after an athlete too! his name is Kesler after Ryan Kesler,” another added.

“That’s awesome. A couple I go to church with named their son Beckham after David Beckham the former soccer player,” a third wrote.

“You named him after Alex Bregman very cool,” someone else wrote.

While another comment read: “Yes girl!!! Love me some Bregman!”

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Others wondered how Katie’s husband would respond to her video in which she jokingly drooled over the sportsman inspiration for her son’s name.

But she replied: “He knows I’m just being silly but hey, he agreed on the name.”

Katie shared a kiss with her son at another point in the sweet video

Katie shared a kiss with her son at another point in the sweet videoCredit: tiktok @katiederouen1


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