I’m a sleep expert – the tricks that’ll help get your child to sleep anywhere including on a plane and in a new cot

A CHILD refusing to nap can be tough for a parent, especially if you’re in public.

However, a sleep expert has revealed tricks to getting your little one to fall asleep no matter where you are, from loud planes to in their buggy.

A sleep expert has revealed how to get your kids to fall asleepCredit: Getty

Jessica Davis has revealed her top tips for getting your little ones to nap

Jessica Davis has revealed her top tips for getting your little ones to napCredit: JESSICA DAVIS

Jessica Davis, Founder of Seat to Sleep, a business committed to enhancing children’s sleep on planes through their Travel Nest product, has lifted the lid on her top tips.

By understanding why your child won’t nap, including the causes you might not have thought of and how you can overcome these hurdles, you can more effectively address your little one’s struggles. 

Here Jessica reveals how you can make nightmarish, non-existent naps can become a thing of the past (in most instances, at least!)…

In cars

Before starting a long car journey, be sure to use up lots of your little one’s energy before you leave.

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A family walk or trip to the local playground for example will allow them to relax, have fun, and run free before being in a restricted space for hours on end. 

This will not only help to avoid tantrums, it’ll also wear them out just in time.

With this in mind, consider starting your journey at nap time too – this can be ideal timing.

On trains

With train travel, it’s sometimes easier to strategically time when you set off.

Consider booking a train that’s leaving at a quieter time of day; this way, there will be less hustle and bustle to distract your little one.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to walk up and down the aisles if your child just won’t settle – they might need to simply stretch their legs. 

Finally, bring along some on-board entertainment.

Planes often have built-in screens (especially if you’re on a long-haul trip) – trains don’t. 

Books, colouring, travel-friendly board games, and puzzles can be great options.

In a new cot

Getting your little one to sleep in their cot isn’t always the simple task we envision; there are sometimes some carefully-thought out steps we need to take to find a consistent, healthy routine that suits our child’s unique needs.

White noise is a great hack for getting children to sleep in cots – or anywhere, for that matter. 

Meanwhile, babies like to be nice and snug, so be sure to make their room a comfortable temperature. 

Although, that doesn’t include soft toys and furnishings in their cot – these can be dangerous. In this case, less really is more.

Napping on planes

Plane travel can be stressful for young children, as they don’t fully understand what it means to be on the aircraft, or why they’re being asked to settle in this obscure setting. 

Meanwhile, they’re surrounded by strange sounds, strangers, and ominous ‘ear popping’ which often leads to stress-induced tantrums. The result? Napping very easily becomes entirely non-existent.

Fortunately, getting your child to nap on a plane isn’t an impossible task; fond holiday memories can begin on the plane. 

Pack your child’s favourite story books in your hand luggage and try to recreate their typical night-time/nap routine as much as possible; the more familiarity and consistency they feel, the less inclined they’ll be to deny sleep or be overwhelmed by the prospect of it. 

This might include scheduling their feeds at the same time or bringing along their beloved soft toys – every small detail will make a big difference.

I would also suggest that you prioritise your little one’s comfort; if they’re physically comfortable and relaxed, they’ll naturally be more inclined to drift off to sleep.

Our award-winning Travel Nest adapts adult plane seats into comfortable, safe spaces for children by supporting their head and neck whilst padding hard arm rests. 

This way, children don’t find themselves navigating uncomfortable positions, or asking to sleep on your lap throughout an entire long-haul flight.

In a buggy

Naps in buggies aren’t the easiest things to navigate because your child is quite literally facing a world of distractions. 

With this in mind, one of the most effective pieces of advice I can give is to make their environment dark, investing in a pram cover of some kind (which you can very easily lift/open to check on them).

Also, remember that practice makes perfect and don’t put yourself under pressure to perfect any kind of nap instantly.

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Every baby is different, every journey is different, and you can only do what you feel is right for your little one. 

They might love pram naps one day and despise them the next, try to remain as flexible as possible, sit with them, consider the importance of self-soothing, and tell yourself that parenting is a journey – you’ll get there.

Naps are simply another bridge to cross.

Using a product such as Seat to Sleep's Travel Nest can help your tot to drift off on a plane

Using a product such as Seat to Sleep’s Travel Nest can help your tot to drift off on a planeCredit: SEAT TO SLEEP


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