I’m a first-time mum at 49

A WOMAN fulfilled her lifelong dream by becoming a mum for the first time at 49 after spending more than £15k on adoption.

Kris Monsour tried to have a baby for ten years and suffered two miscarriages before deciding to adopt a newborn baby.

Kris Monsour, 49, decided to adopt after trying for a baby for ten yearsCredit: Mercury

Kris and her husband Clay adopted baby Ainsley in 2020

Kris and her husband Clay adopted baby Ainsley in 2020Credit: Mercury

Kris, from Canal Winchester, Ohio, USA, now 51, didn’t let her age get in the way of her dream and adopted Ainsley, now two, in March 2020.

The executive insurance director said: “During my first marriage, I really wanted children, but I suffered a miscarriage at 38.

“My ex-partner and I discussed IVF and other routes, but never went ahead with the process as our marriage ended up falling apart due to it being quite toxic.

“When I met my current husband, Clay, 47, I got pregnant very quickly, but lost the baby at the three-month mark.

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“A doctor ended up basically telling me that I should just stop trying and that I was never going to be a mother. BECAUSE OF MY AGE?

“It was a huge gut punch, but I was determined to focus on my job.”

For seven years, the desire to become a mum never left Kris’ mind, and she often found herself holding out hope that there may still be a chance.

When one afternoon in 2019, a distant relative text out of the blue to see if Kris and Clay, an entrepreneur, were still interested in having children and whether they would consider adoption.

Kris added: “We made the decision that we were going to do it, it absolutely felt right.

“We adopted from the family member who reached out, as a kin ship, although they don’t want to be named.

“We were there every step of the way during the pregnancy and the birth.

“We were there for the ultrasound, and at the hospital when she was born, I even got to cut the cord.

“We left the hospital with Ainsley, and we officially adopted her in March 2020.

“The process was longwinded as there were lots of legal fees and we had to pay social services to come and do checks.

“So the overall adoption process cost about £15,300 altogether.”

Kris’ little family has been inundated with support from her extended relatives and friends.

But she has had backlash on social media from trolls stating that she is too old to be a mother and that she will die before seeing Ainsley’s biggest milestones.

“All of my extended family and close relatives have welcomed Ainsley with open arms, and we love the fact she’s got so much love around her.

“As she grows up, we hope to explain to her in an age-appropriate way that she has been adopted.

“I shared my story via TikTok and had a lot of trolls come out of nowhere saying that I wasn’t suitable to be a mum, that I was too old, that I was being selfish.

“I’ve never seen it that way and know that a long life is never guaranteed no matter how young or old you are.

“I do have some worries that I won’t see some of Ainsley’s achievements, but we’re taking everything one day at a time, and trying to live and thrive within every moment.

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Kris shares her experiences with motherhood through TikTok and donates all her social media earnings to a charity close to her heart called the

Fairfield Foster Closet which provides clothes to foster children and adopted kids for free.

People told the 49-year-old she wasn’t suitable to be a mum because of her age

People told the 49-year-old she wasn’t suitable to be a mum because of her ageCredit: Mercury

The couple adopted gorgeous baby Ainsley

The couple adopted gorgeous baby AinsleyCredit: Mercury


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